New Yankee Candle Fragrances For Spring 2017

Yankee Candle have released some new scents for Spring 2017, and I couldn’t be happier!

I really got into candles a couple of years ago. Before then I couldn’t see the point of them?! I remember an ex-boyfriend of mine gifting me a candle once, I thought it was such a random gift. But now I’m over the moon if someone buys me a candle…how times have changed!

I have to admit I am a bit of a candle hoarder (thank goodness for the cupboard under the stairs!). If I fall in love with a candle I am reluctant to use it because I like to just sniff candles as well as burn them! Sometimes I have a candle sniffing session…

The 2 new collections are ‘Pure Essence’ and ‘Coastal Living’. Coastal living was released in March. I think Pure Essence was released just before that to bridge the Christmas/Spring gap.

I have bought the small sample votives for the purpose of this post (I was going to buy them anyway if I didn’t do this post!). They provide fragrance for up to 15 hours. Carry on reading to find out which I would repurchase in jar form!




There are 3 fragrances in the Pure Essence collection: Cherry Blossom, Linden Tree and Wild Mint. Everything about these candles screams Spring! They are very natural scents, they smell just like a beautiful garden.

Cherry Blossom

An enchanting armful of Spring’s freshest blooms that turns any room pink and happy.

For some reason, I thought I wasn’t going to like this scent. It smells very sweet and floral at the same time. I love it and would repurchase in a jar form. Once it’s lit I reckon it would easily fill the room with a beautiful fragrance.

Linden Tree

Fresh blooming Linden enjoyed through the green leafy sunlight of a quiet day.

What is a Linden tree? It smells nice that’s for sure! It smells of a blossoming tree, so it is a floral scent. It also smells slightly citrus as well, it’s an intriguing scent. I would repurchase in jar form if it was on offer!

Wild Mint

Just-picked Wild Mint leaves – fresh, crisp, cool, bracing.

I’m not a fan of mint scents because they remind me too much of toothpaste! This wild mint scent is different though, it doesn’t resemble oral products! I like it but think the fragrance release would be too subtle for me. I might change my mind once I have tried it out, though.



There are 4 fragrances in the Coastal Living collection: Garden By The Sea, Driftwood, Coastal Living and Sea Air. Wow, I love the concept of having a coastal themed collection! These scents really get you in the mood for summer, and make you wish you was at the beach!

Garden By The Sea

A delicate floral scent with oceanside blooms and bright bundles of sea thrift.

This is obviously a floral scent, it smells a bit musky as well. The floral scent isn’t too overpowering like rose or lavender scents. I like this candle, I can imagine having the windows open with this candle burning.


Like a salty favourite plucked from the beach sand, woody and sun weathered.

This is my favourite from the Coastal Living collection, I would buy a large jar of this! I love fragrances which are fresh and a bit masculine like this. It definitely smells woody like the name suggests.

Coastal Living

An intriguing mix of salty and sweet – coastal flowers carried on a warm ocean breeze.

This is very fresh scent with a floral undertone. It is a familiar scent which you would find at the coast;  it reminds me of seaside trips I used to go on with my family growing up. I would like to say I would buy a jar of this, but I worry the fragrance release would be too subtle.

Sea Air

The refreshing air at water’s edge, laced with sea salt, cyclamen and rose.

I don’t dislike this fragrance, but it is my least favourite out of the 4. To me, it smells quite similar to Coastal Living. It would be a nice candle to burn in the bathroom, but I’m not wowed by the scent.

yankee 4.jpg

Final Thoughts

To summarise: I would buy a large jar of ‘Cherry Blossom’ and ‘Driftwood’. I would also consider buying ‘Garden By The Sea’,’Coastal Living’ and ‘Linden Tree’ if they were in the sale. Overall, I am pleased with both collections! I am looking forward to the summer collection release in May, I will be reviewing them as well I’m sure!

Question: What is your favourite Yankee Candle Scent?


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31 thoughts on “New Yankee Candle Fragrances For Spring 2017

  1. I love burning candles! The just give such a romantic ambience when they are lit. I also love those scented candles. I tend to want to hoard them too! I will love to try the “sea air”.

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  2. Oo I’m definitely intrigued by the wild mint scent, I’ve got a thing for like fresh mint – but totally agree with you on not being crazy about the toothpaste kind! Cherry blossom looks gorgeous too, gotta love Yankee! Great post 😀 x x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is the cutest post! I was exactly like you, about a year ago I literally did not see the point of candles and now I am OBSESSED! My boyfriend got me a few yankee candles the other day and I’m so in love with them – we seem to have similar opinions about a lot of them hehe!! xxx

    Liked by 2 people

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