Part 1: Remembering the 90’s

I am going to start off by saying I was born in 1991, so I remember the 90’s pretty well. The more I think about it the more I seem to remember. I like to type ‘The 90’s’ into Google sometimes, and reminisce about the good old days!

I have based this post on the ’90’s tag’. Originally, there are 14 questions to answer about what you remember from the 90’s. As I started this I realised I was going a bit over the top with my answers; the post was becoming veryyyy long! So, I have decided to do it in 2 parts. I have also put in a few extra questions of my own to make it more fun!


What was your favourite Disney film?

It was, and always will be the Lion King! Can you believe it was released in 1994?! I remember watching all the popular 90’s Disney films apart from Mulan, Hercules and The Hunchback Of Norte Dame…still haven’t seen them now! I also loved all the Toy Story films, and again, still do! Tarzan was also another favourite. I loved the Tarzan soundtrack! My sister and I used to watch these films ALL the time!

Who was your favourite music artist?

I don’t remember having a favourite artist until I was in my teens. In the 90’s cassettes were still a thing; I remember my Mum buying us some from Woolworths. My sister and I loved the ‘Barbie Girl’ song by Aqua…we used to listen to it time and time again! Another one of our favourite songs was ‘Witch Doctor’ by Cartoons- who else remembers that crazy song and even crazier music video?!

What were your favourite sweets?

To be honest, I used to prefer chocolate to sweets, but I would eat them sometimes. My sister and I loved to get some pick and mix sweets…Wilko does the best pick and mix! I also remember loving: Flumps, Bubbaloo Gum, Freddo chocolate bars (remember they were 10p?!), Melody Pops, Cartoonies chocolate filled biscuits, Nerds etc etc!

What was your favourite book?

There is one book which really stands out from when I was very young, it was called ‘Dirty Old Teddy’….I still have it now! I was also a big fan of Beatrice Potter books, I had a cute box set of all the books…Jemima Puddle Duck has always been my favourite!



 What was your favourite board game?

Me and my sister used to play sooo many board games! There was a wardrobe in the spare bedroom where we kept all our board games and other toys.

Enchanted Palace: My sister and I were actually reminiscing about this one game the other day called ‘Enchanted Palace’. We remembered everything about it apart from what it was called…it took us aaages to find out what it was called!

Mouse Trap: Another game which stands out to me is ‘Mouse Trap’. We never actually used to play it correctly; we didn’t know how so we just kinda made our own fun with it!

Pretty Pretty Princess: This was such a girly game! This was pretty much a game where you got to play with plastic jewellery and pretend to be a princess. We used to love it, and was fascinated by the plastic jewellery!

Other honourable mentions go to: Elefun, Tumblin’ Monkeys, Buckaroo (used to scare me, though!), Bed Bugs, The Magic Tooth Fairy Game, Operation etc etc!

What was your favourite McDonalds ‘Happy Meal’ toy?

We didn’t go to McDonald’s very often, maybe once/twice a month on a Sunday coming home from the car boot sale. We used to go for birthday treats sometimes as well with a couple of friends- it was the biggest treat! I remember being so excited to find out what the next toys were going to be!

My sister and I were big fans of Toy Story (still am!), so I’m going to say the Toy Story toys were my favourite! I also remember loving the TY Beanie Baby collection and the mini Furby collection.

I remember my Dad used to collect the Happy Meal boxes in case they were ‘worth something one day’…I don’t think so haha.

 What was your favourite clothing store?

In the 90’s when I was very young, I don’t think I would have had a favourite clothing store! I’m pretty sure most of my clothes were bought from charity shops and car boot sales! When I started to pick some of my own clothing my favourite store was Tammy… who else remembers Tammy clothing?! My sister and I were obsessed with the t-shirts sold in there… I remember the ones with cartoon girls on the front, they all had attitude! I also remember having a pair of mega flared denim look trousers…I adored them haha.

What did you use to do at the weekend?

We used go visit my Grandparents (Dad’s parents) every Saturday afternoon and spend a couple of hours there; we’d go home just before 5, and pick up some chips on the way home to have for tea. We used to pester Dad to let us eat them in the car on the way home as we couldn’t wait!

In the summer we would spend a lot of time outside. On Sunday we would often go to the coast, go for a walk somewhere, or go to a car boot sale. In the afternoon Mum would pick my Nan up (Mum’s Mum), and she would stay for tea. We always had a cold tea on Sunday, my Nan and I would always have a jam sandwich.

When we weren’t out and about we would spend a lot of time playing outside as we lived in the countryside. We used to always play on this ‘bridge’- shown below…it’s a little grown up now, though!


I hope you have enjoyed this blast from the past, I loved writing it! How many things can you relate to if you were born in the 90’s? I will be doing a part two…watch this space!


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41 thoughts on “Part 1: Remembering the 90’s

  1. Fellow 1991 born here! 🙂 I looooooved The Lion King! But fun story, we only had it in Spanish so growing up I would be so confused when a teacher would play it in class and it would be in English! I would still know it immediately if I heard it in Spanish but it would take a tad longer if I heard it in English.

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  2. You’ve bought me right down memory lane! I would’ve answered the same for the McDonald’s Happy Meal…the TY beanie toys were my fave!

    And Tammy!!!! Who can forget? I remember they were my favourite when I was about 8-11 years old. It was like the coolest shop. Now little kids are buying Abercrombie and Hollister!! 😂😂

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  3. Hey, I was born 1950 but I can see that it is good to have a healthy relationship era wise. This was very good. I’m sure that some enjoyed this more than I (having been through it as a growing experience relative to age….). But understand that I enjoyed it. Thanks for composting it. And for having gone through it in a special way (perspective).

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  4. I was born in 83 so my 90s adolescent experience may have been a bit different. Gadzooks was the hot shop for Calvin Klein crop tops & mega wide leg Lee Pipes & I definitely wanted to live with the Matthews family on Boy Meets World! I ❤the 90s!

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  5. These kind of posts are always so fascinating to read as they bring back so many forgotten memories. I was a DJ in London in the ’90s and played lots of the current music to a packed dancefloor. I also have a feature on my blog which covers music from the past and this week we stopped off in 1999 to hear Geri Halliwell sing. 🎤

    Great post, Emma, and thanks for bringing back so many happy memories to me.

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  6. Wow, in 1991, I was 14 years old wanting to go on and conquer the world but not quite knowing how to do it. I was quite geeky but didn’t want to be (now I’d be a proud geek) but wanted to be one of the popular girls. Three years later I had my first serious boyfriend, another two years later and I had my own house and mortgage. By 1999, I was 22 and didn’t realise that my life would change so much for the better over the next 17 years! It’s both interesting and scary to dissect a portion of your life like that…

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  7. I graduated from high school in ’93. I have no idea what half of that was but I’m American so I think a lot of it we just didn’t have. Except Nerds. 🙂 I could make a guess for a few things. It’s so fun to think about our childhood’s sometimes. For me, the 90’s represent growing into adulthood. High school and living on my own. Working a lot and going to college. My friends were a central theme. Everytime I hear a Green Day song, it takes me back. Then, later meeting my husband and hanging at one specific bar (even though I didn’t drink back then. I was an anomaly) but we sure did have fun!

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  8. Well what do you know, I was born in 1991 too! The tail end of it anyway. Good old Disney, I must’ve watched The Lion King a million times. Mulan is my favourite, and funnily enough I’ve been getting back into the classic Disney renaissance films. I rewatched the Little Mermaid not too long ago 🙂

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