Part 2: How To Fragrance Your Home

As promised here is part 2 of how to fragrance your home. If you missed part one you can find it HERE-. I did part one back in January- it was my second ever blog post!

I like to make my home smell nice, it’s like the cherry on the cake. If you love your home as much as me and you do everything to make it homely, adding a fragrance is a finishing touch.



Potpourri is made from dried materials found in nature such as pine cones and bits of plants, it is then fragranced with natural oils. You can lay it out in a decorative bowl, or vase like me, just leave the potpourri to release its fragrance into your home. Once the potpourri has lost its scent you can put it into a glass jar…it is too pretty to throw out! You can buy potpourri cheaply, or you can buy a more expensive version. They sell lovely potpourri in Wilko.


Oil Burner

Yes, this is called an oil burner but you can also melt wax like this little set pictured below. They work by placing a lit tea light underneath the wax; the heat makes warms the max and releases the fragrance. Oil burners come in all shapes and sizes so you can match it to your home decor. The fragrance released is quite subtle, but enjoyable none the less. I bought this little set for £3 from The Factory Shop.


Air Freshener Spray

Air freshener sprays are used to provide quick and short-term fragrance. They are ideal to use in bathrooms and around the house to provide a quick refresh. They come in many different scents and are widely available.

Solid Air Freshener

These solid air fresheners used to be very popular and you could get many different scents. But, as there are so many different plug-ins etc now these are hard to come across. The only ones I can find are made by Glade. I like to put these is my wardrobe and cupboard under the stairs to keep everything smelling fresh.


I hope you have enjoyed this little post! Until you think about it, you don’t realise how many different ways there are to fragrance your home! I think I have covered everything apart from incense sticks.

Question: What is your favourite way to fragrance your home?

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13 thoughts on “Part 2: How To Fragrance Your Home

  1. What a great series! I usually stick to 4 types for home fragrance:
    1) Wallflower plug-ins from Bath & Body Works
    2) nebulizer mist
    3) candles
    4) room spray (for the bathroom ahem! 😛 )

    I received a wax warmer (Scentsy) for Christmas but haven’t used it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, I’m still shaking my head there’s no Sephora or Bath & Body Works in the UK! I’m in Canada and our population is a fraction of yours! It makes sense for them to open up in the UK!

        Liked by 1 person

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