8 Ways To Fragrance Your Home

I love it when you walk into your home, and you are greeted by a welcoming smell- you can breathe it in, and instantly feel at home and relaxed. To be honest, I’m a bit scent crazy: I love all scents, especially in the form of perfume! I love it when a particular smell transports you back to a time and place and reminds you of memories. Fragrances are unique to everyone; some people love floral scents, while others love fruity scents. I have to say, sweet and clean scents are my favourites.



Potpourri is made from natural dried materials, such as pine cones and bits of plants that have been fragranced with natural oils. You can display it in a decorative bowl, or in a vase like me. Once the potpourri has lost its scent, you can put it into a glass jar because it’s too pretty to throw out! You can buy good quality potpourri from Wilko; it is also reasonably cheap from there.


Oil Burner

This is an oil burner, but you can also melt wax in it (like in the picture below). You light a tealight and place it under the wax to release the fragrance. Oil burners come in all shapes and sizes so you can match it to your home decor. The aroma released is quite subtle, but enjoyable none the less. I bought this little set from The Factory Shop for £3.


Air Freshener Spray

Air freshener sprays are used to provide quick and short-term fragrance. They are ideal to use in bathrooms and around the house to provide a fast refresh. They come in many different scents and are widely available.

Solid Air Freshener

These solid air fresheners used to be very popular, but they are hard to come across now. I like to put these in my wardrobe, and in cupboards to keep everything smelling fresh.



I love candles, especially the brand Yankee Candle. Candles are particularly great in the winter when it’s cold and dark; they make a room feel cozy and comforting, as well as making it smell lovely!


  • There are soo many brands of candles out there!
  • Candles come in all shapes and sizes
  • Every fragrance imaginable is available somewhere- spoilt for choice!
  • Large candles can burn for hours, giving you many hours of enjoyment
  • You can buy budget candles, expensive candles and everything in between


  • They may not be safe for homes with children and pets
  • Not every candle gives off a strong fragrance; it can be a bit hit and miss
  • If you are a bit of a hoarder (like me!), storing them can be a bit of an issue


Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are a popular, and easy way to fragrance your home. The diffuser reeds soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent.


  • They are widely available: they can be purchased in supermarkets, in homeware shops and online.
  • Like candles, they come in a vast array of fragrances
  • Look out for pretty bottles; you can display them nicely in your home
  • They are long lasting


  • If knocked over, they could leak
  • You can’t place them near a radiator because the liquid will evaporate too quickly
  • Not all reed diffusers disperse much fragrance



Plug-ins contain oil, which is gently heated to release the fragrance. The brand I like to use is Airwick; they can be purchased from supermarkets.


  • There’s a vast variety of fragrances and seasonal ones to choose between
  • Low maintenance
  • Controllable fragrance output: you can have it on the weakest setting for small rooms, and the highest setting for large rooms/whole house
  • Very consistent fragrance
  • It’s easy to change the refill


  • They use electricity, so could be expensive to keep on all the time
  • Spare plug socket needed
  • The unit is only available in white


Automatic Sprays

The automatic spray I have here is also from Airwick; they call them ‘Freshmatics,’ they puff out fragrance at interval times.


  • There’s a vast variety of fragrances and seasonal ones to choose between
  • The units come in a few different colours so that it can be matched to your room colour scheme
  • They can be placed wherever you like
  • Airwick now sell compact versions on the Freshmatics


  • The fragrance isn’t very consistent
  • Noise is produced when it releases the scent
  • The back is hard to open to change the refill/batteries


There you have it! I obviously don’t use all these methods at once, I alternate between them all, depending on what I fancy! Until you think about it, you don’t realise how many different ways there are to fragrance your home! I think I have covered everything here, apart from incense sticks.

Which methods do you use to fragrance your home?

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38 thoughts on “8 Ways To Fragrance Your Home

  1. What a great series! I usually stick to 4 types for home fragrance:
    1) Wallflower plug-ins from Bath & Body Works
    2) nebulizer mist
    3) candles
    4) room spray (for the bathroom ahem! 😛 )

    I received a wax warmer (Scentsy) for Christmas but haven’t used it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, I’m still shaking my head there’s no Sephora or Bath & Body Works in the UK! I’m in Canada and our population is a fraction of yours! It makes sense for them to open up in the UK!

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  2. Thanks for this post Emma which is quite close to my heart….I am big fan of scents and home fragrances, and I have most of the items you have described in your article in my home, and they create a heavenly atmosphere in every room……I have electric oil burners as well tea light candle oil burners and here in India, we use the fragrances from Iris Home Fragrances, and they have real good stuff….:)

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  3. Home fragrance is a big deal for me. I’m terrified of being that person with the bad ‘house smell’ soul candles are one to check out as they smell amazing for ages with out ever being lit. Natural oils is one I use alot as many also keep spiders away. Some soap bars are great for just scenting the place and my good old fave is baby powder and bicarb on the carpets for an hour then hoover. Really scents the room and makes the hoover smell nice too.

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  4. Keeping the house smelling fresh is important with me having a dog. I like to use diffusers and oil burners but i love the idea of a solid in the wardrobe its a great idea! Thanks for sharing x

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