Four Cute Summer Holiday Outfit Ideas

As you read this, I am on holiday in Ibiza! I would like to share with you some of the outfits I plan on wearing. I like to go on holiday in May because it’s a nice comfortable temperature, and because it is so much cheaper! Are you going on holiday this year? If you are, let me know! I hope you gain inspiration from my outfits, and that they get you in the mood for summer!

I have linked as many items as I can at the bottom of each outfit.


Outfit 1

The primary colours in this outfit are black and white. I love white shorts because they make an outfit ‘pop’! This is a long length top, but I would tuck it into the shorts for this outfit. As for accessories, I have chosen to add two gold coloured necklaces, one long and one short one. I love these white sandals; they go with so many outfits.


Top (Peacocks)/Shorts (Peacocks)/Sandals (Shoe Zone)/ Necklace (H&M)/ Belt (Primark)

The acorn necklace and sunglasses aren’t available anymore, unfortunately.

Outfit 2

I love the print on this top; it has a tropical feeling to it. It is supposed to be a long top, but as I’m short, I can wear it as a dress with leggings. This would be a cute outfit if you were going out for the day as it is comfortable. Cropped leggings are nice to wear if you want to give your skin a rest from the sun, but they are still cool. These sandals have a small wedge but are always comfortable and easy to walk in.


Sandals (Shoe Zone)/ Leggings (Primark)

The top, sunglasses and necklace are from last year, so not available anymore.

Outfit 3

This is such a cute little outfit! I love white t-shirts, but I hate it when they are see-through! However, this top if perfect, not see-through at all. Sometimes, I don’t feel confident enough to wear short shorts, so I like to wear longer length shorts when I feel like this. These shorts are knee length on me, but I like to roll them up a little bit. The white sandals go well with this outfit as well; I don’t like to bring too many shoes with me.



Top (H&M)/ Shorts (H&M)/ Sandals (Shoe Zone)/ Necklace (H&M)

The sunglasses are from last year.

Outfit 4

If you’re like me and you like to go on holiday in May, you’ll understand it can be a little chilly in the evening, so a pair of jeans is a must-have. I picked these pink ones because they still have summer vibes! They are ankle-grazers with a washed look effect. The top sits on the shoulder and is super cute! This is an excellent outfit to wear if you are going out for dinner, and going for a stroll along the beach after- bliss!


Top (Primark)/ Jeans (New Look)/ Belt (Primark)

The necklace, sunglasses and shoes are from last year.

 I enjoyed putting these outfits together for you, and I can’t wait to wear them! If you are going on holiday, it is a good idea to plan out your outfits while you are packing, so you don’t bring too many clothes. Before you pack everything into your suitcase, take a picture of your outfits, so you remember what you have planned out.

What is your favourite outfit of mine? What do you like to wear on holiday?

Summer Holiday Outfits.jpg


imageedit_4_3439056731 imageedit_6_4308839559 imageedit_8_9252769209 imageedit_11_6525114156 imageedit_13_6240326151


75 thoughts on “Four Cute Summer Holiday Outfit Ideas

  1. I love all of them, such cute outfits ! You have a great style Emma 😊 My favourites are the first and last one, I’m a fan of white shorts too and I love coloured jeans ! 💗

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  2. Tough to choose just one, but I’d have to say your first outfit is my favorite – it’s cute, comfortable, and just dressy enough that you could hit a museum or but not too much for something like strolling on a beach. These days, I tend to wear practical things on vacation – shorts with lots of pockets, comfortable shoes, but now that our kidlets are adultlets, I should really start thinking more about dressing for myself again. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These outfits are so cute! I particularly like the first black and white one as black and white a generally my go-to colours for the summer! I’m going on holiday to Budapest in July so I may take some of these on board!
    Jas xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Really looking forward to going to Ibiza this fall. I’m with you on the joys of traveling to popular destinations during the shoulder seasons, but for the weather, and for the decreased crowds. Hope you are having an amazing time (and looks like you’ve got the wardrobe to pull it off)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes definitely…and the decreased costs! The hotel we stayed in costs 3 times as much in July and August! I have a holiday post coming up very soon! Where abouts will you be staying? Enjoy your trip!


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