500 Followers Blog Party Weekender- You’re Invited!

Blog party weekender time!!!

Friday- Sunday

I officially reached 500 followers on the 6th June 2017. I would like to say a massive thank you to every one of my followers, you all make me very happy. I love being part of this community- I feel like I belong here! I decided to do this blog party to celebrate and get everyone involved. I won’t ramble on because I know you are here for the party.

To make this an enjoyable experience for everyone, please follow these rules:

  1. Make sure you are following my blog
  2. Introduce yourself and leave a link to your blog
  3. If you leave a link, make sure you follow or comment on 3 other blogs (helping others helps you too!)
  4. Optional: retweet my pinned tweet to get more people involved
  5. Have fun!

I hope everyone will enjoy the party and that you will discover new blogs!

(Photo by Luca Upper on Unsplash)



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175 thoughts on “500 Followers Blog Party Weekender- You’re Invited!

  1. Hey everyone! So I guess I’m joining the party late too^^ but I’m always late 😂 it’s good. Last year my friend, Emily (but just call her Em) and I (Ivy) spontaneously decided, why not start a blog?? We had wanted on and off to do it for a while but never got around to actually doing it. We started out as a creative blog, but now Two Girls, Two Mountains is a lifestyle blog, so basically a little bit of everything- reading, writing, ranting, raving, photography, DIY, life, and randomness.
    Check it out 😀

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