My Most Worn Spring Clothing Items 2017

I did a ‘My Most Worn Winter Clothing Items’ post at the end of March- it turned out to be quite popular! I will probably end up doing this post at the end of every season now. If you missed the winter post, clickHERE-.

Spring officially ends on the 21st of June, so it’s time to do this post! In the UK, it takes a long time for the weather to start warming up. Spring can be very unpredictable; one day it’s raining, then the next day it’s hot! I know lots of people start wearing shorts this time of year, but mine are still in my wardrobe for now!

I hope you like the selection of clothes I have picked to share with you. I like Spring clothing because you can wear pretty patterns and bright colours again. I love wearing cardigans and checked shirts- now is the perfect time to wear them, finally.

Primark Long Sleeved Striped Top

It wasn’t until I uploaded these pictures that I remembered I have already featured this top in my OOTD post. I am still loving this top, and wish I had purchased two to have one as a back-up. The material is quite thin but it’s not see through. The top has 3/4 length sleeves and a slashed neckline. My favourite thing about this top is the stripes; I go crazy for anything with stripes! I like to wear this top with a leather/denim jacket and skinny jeans. It is a simple outfit, but that’s my style.


Black & White Checked Dress From Zara

Yes, I know at the beginning I said I like Spring because of the colourful clothing- don’t worry, this is the last monochrome item! Okay, so this isn’t actually a dress, but it is on me because of my shortness. It would be too short to wear with bare legs, so I wear it with black leggings. To make the outfit more fun, I like to pair it with a colourful bag to add a pop of colour. The quality of this dress is amazing; the fabric is so thick and feels lovely. I feel like I have a little confidence boost when I wear this.


Tommy Hilfiger Checked Shirt

Yay, some colour! If you’re thinking you’ve seen this before, that’s because I am wearing it in my profile picture. I have owned many classic red checked shirts before; they’re pretty much a wardrobe staple for me. I decided to invest in this Tommy Hilfiger one because I knew I would wear it to death like all my other shirts. I bought it in the sale for £30, so was pretty much a bargain! I like to wear it open with a white cami top underneath. It is supposed to be cropped but fits me the perfect length and fit as I’m short.


Peacocks Pink Cold Shoulder Top

This top was quite a recent purchase from Peacocks; it kept catching my eye every time I entered the shop. I liked it but wasn’t sure if it was too bright for me as it’s quite girly. However, I tried it on and left the shop with it! If you haven’t shopped in Peacocks, I recommend them because their clothing is quite cheap, but everything is great quality (top was £10). I love cold shoulder tops, but they don’t always sit right on me, but this one is perfect. I wore this on holiday in Ibiza- pictured below.



BHS Cardigans

I am a great lover of cardigans; I am actually thinking about doing a cardigan collection post one day…sad, I know! In Spring it is too hot for a jacket but not hot enough to go without- enter the cardigan. My all-time favourite cardigans were sold at BHS, but BHS has unfortunately closed down now. These cardigans are very soft, and they wash well (I have had cardigans go dry before and lose their shape).  I Have five different colours all together to go with all my Spring outfits.


Mango White Logo Top

I bought this top last year in Mallorca; it reminds me of my holiday. I hadn’t shopped in Mango before, but since purchasing this top, I love their clothing. This top literally goes with everything, but you can’t beat wearing it with blue skinny jeans! I love the colourful Mango logo on the front; it stands out a lot. I like to match my accessories to the colours on the logo. This top goes well with my many cardigans!


New Look Pink Denim Jeans

The picture below is from my ‘Summer Holidays Outfits post.’ I was going to take a new picture, but I couldn’t get them to photograph well! When I first bought these jeans, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get much wear out of them because I haven’t worn coloured jeans before. I soon got used to them, and can’t stay out of them now! I like to pair them with monochrome tops, like in the picture below. They are supposed to be ankle grazers, but they are longer on me. I am pleased to say, I haven’t got any marks or stains on them yet- I am known to be a messy eater!


I hope you have enjoyed this little post and that you liked it as much as my winter edition. I haven’t seen any posts like this before; if you have done something similar, feel free to leave me a link in the comments. Remember to enjoy wearing your Spring wardrobe and try something new. Look out for the summer edition!

What have you been wearing this Spring?

Spring Clothing 2017


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30 thoughts on “My Most Worn Spring Clothing Items 2017

  1. Your choices are all fab. Especially the striped top – it’s such a classic that never seems to go out of style. I’ve been mixing all sorts. The weather has been so up and down right. Last week I had my summer shorts out – now I’m back to jeans and joggings.

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  2. You have so many cool clothes ! I also have the “long shirt that looks like a dress on me” syndrome 😉 Oh and I love having a cardigan collection too ! They just go with anything 😊💜

    Liked by 1 person

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