Nakd Bars Review

When I find something new I like and realise it comes in lots of different flavours, I have to try them ALL. There would be more in the picture below if I hadn’t already eaten a lot of them!

The flavours: Banana Crunch, Rhubarb & Custard, Bakewell Tart, Cocoa Delight, Berry Cheeky, Caffe Mocha, Apple Pie and Strawberry Crunch

What are Nakd bars? They are delicious; I know that for sure! Simply put, they are made from raw fruit and nuts which have been combined to create a yummy, wholesome and nutritious 35g snack bar. All the ingredients are 100% natural, and every bar is wheat and dairy free- making them perfect for everyone to enjoy. The three main ingredients in the bars are dates, cashews and raisins. Also, just one of these smart little bars counts towards one of your five a day. The crunch bars have extra added protein thanks to the soya protein crunchies.


The bars have a chewy texture as they are so dense in goodness. Even though they are only 35g in weight, the chewiness makes them go a long way, and are enjoyable to eat. They are the perfect snack for on the go, as they are compact enough to carry around in your bag or pocket. Sometimes I have one for lunch at work; my colleagues are always curious to see what flavour I have.

The company who make Nakd bars are Nature Balance Foods. They make lots of other products as well, all with the same ethos and amazing ingredients. Their ‘Trek’ bars are also very good- they are a little bit bigger than Nakd bars, and have more protein. Nature Balance Food products can be purchased on their website (bars are sold in cases and mixed boxes). You can also find them in supermarkets, and in health food shops, e.g. Holland and Barret. They may seem on the pricey side, but, they are good value for money once you have taken into consideration how much the ingredients cost.


Nakd Bars Review


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