The Perfect Purse: Featuring Fossil

I remember when I used to always buy cheap purses and they wouldn’t last very long; the zip would break, or the material would wear out and look rubbish. I’m not the sort of person to have lots of purses to alternate between, I only have three at the moment: this one, one from Next my Dad got me and a little pink one from Fossil for small handbags. So I need to make sure I have one which will last- not a disposable one! I used to have to buy a new one every few months.


Story Time

There is a little story about how I got this purse. I knew I wanted to get one from TK Maxx; they always have top brands in there at reduced prices. So I entered the shop and grabbed a few I liked. I took them to a quiet corner so other customers couldn’t get their hands on them whilst I was picking one out! I eventually chose this Fossil one, so I (reluctantly) put the other purses back on the shelf. I went to queue up, but the queue was sooo long! I didn’t have time to wait, so I had to put it back on the shelf and leave without it, sob.

Naturally, when I returned home, I jumped straight onto eBay to find the purse I had to leave behind. Bingo! I saw one for sale (brand new with tags, eeek!), the buy it now price was £25, same as TK Maxx. I was so happy I managed to buy it in the end and at such a reasonable price. On the Fossil website, similar leather flap purses sell for £59.99(!).


It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

I was head-strong to buy this purse because it is perfect for me. I love the design of it- it’s simple, but the contrasting colours make it stand out from others. It is the ideal size for as well because it fits in all my daytime handbags, and it isn’t big and bulky. I’m the sort of person who has to have a loyalty card for every shop, so, I have to have room for all of them! There are 12 card slots altogether, and a further four side slots (where I keep cash, receipts, coupons…and a couple more cards!). There is a compartment on the side to keep loose change.



Final Thoughts

I still love this purse as much as I did when I first saw it. I highly recommend Fossil purses to everyone. Be sure to have a look in TK Maxx to see if you can find a bargain!

What is your favourite purse?

 Fossil Purse


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50 thoughts on “The Perfect Purse: Featuring Fossil

  1. I’m always looking for the perfect purse or wallet. There’s too many cards to keep track of, and I hate having to carry everything around in a backpack (I live in Chicago so it’s easier on the shoulders)! This is a super cute clutch. Great taste!

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  2. What a beatiful purse. The only problem I have with most would be that I prefer one that protect your credit cards from being read direct through your purse. I found one way way back, and now for the life of me, cannot remember the name, but its plain brown but doing the job. I ♥ this pattern, its beautiful

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  3. What a pretty purse! & I’m absolutely the same, a compartment for every loyalty card is much needed!! I’m currently on the hunt for a new purse, I’m not crazy about mine – funny enough actually a really good quality purse is not something I’ve purchased before, so now might be the time! x

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