TK Maxx Homeware Finds

TK Maxx: a bit like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it! I LOVE TK Maxx because you never know what you’re going to find.

TK Maxx is one of my favourite places to shop for homeware items: I never go in there with a shopping list and a plan because their stock is forever changing, once it’s gone it’s gone. I like to have a leisurely browse and see if anything takes my eye, which it usually does. You can find top brands in TK Maxx at a discounted price. Yes, everything is from last season but why should that matter?

I did a fashion finds version of this post, click –HERE– if you would like to check it out.

I won’t show you everything because we’d be here all day.

Glass Apple Ornament

How cute is this little glass apple ornament? We all have ornaments in our living rooms and bedrooms, why not in the kitchen as well? I like to have it sat on my microwave; it is a cute little addition to my modern country style kitchen.


Wooden Fruit Bowl

I had been looking for the one fruit bowl for a long time (I’m very particular), with no luck. I stumbled upon this one when I was visiting Cambridge in their TK Maxx; I HAD to have it. The two-tone wood effect matches my kitchen perfectly. Oh, and it was in the reduced section as well!


Mini Copper Photo Frame

If you’re thinking you recognise this item, that’s because you do! I featured it in my ‘The Copper Trend‘ post recently. I found this frame in the clearance section for £1, £1! I have it displayed on my console table in the hallway alongside my other copper items.


Large WoodWick Candle

If you know anything about me by now, then you’ll know I am a candle lover. I usually go for the brand Yankee Candle when I buy candles, but I couldn’t resist this large WoodWick candle for a change. It has three different scents, and the wick crackles as it burns, which I like. It was the only one in the shop!


Glass Quote Ornament

I looked at the brand’s website to find out more about this item. I discovered they are handmade and are expensive, but I got this one so cheap! I love the quote, it means a lot to me and is very true. It does come out of the box, but I can’t bring myself to take it out!


Cream Wire Basket

I don’t actually know what the purpose of this basket is, I found it in the kitchenware section. I like to use it to store all my hair care products- it keeps everything nice and organised, and looks nice sitting on my dressing table.


Wooden Love Ornament

I think this is supposed to be a bookend, but there was the only one available. I like to display it on my living room windowsill with a couple of other items. It is made from real wood and is handmade; I like handmade things because no two are the same.


What are you waiting for? See what hidden gems you can find in your local TK Maxx!

I have also bought lots of branded cookware from TK Maxx in the past for a great price. You can even pick up lots of cute and unique pieces to use as blog props.

Have you bought anything from TK Maxx before?

TK Maxx Homeware Finds


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52 thoughts on “TK Maxx Homeware Finds

  1. Those are all quite cute! I have never heard of TK Maxx…. I suppose it is one of those things that is re-branded across the country/world. We have a TJ Max, which I think may be the same. I especially love shopping there around the holidays for affordable seasonal decorations!

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  2. In the U.S. the company named it TJ Maxx, but I agree it is amazing! The same company also opened stores here that are literally only housewares called Home Goods. It is dangerous for the pocketbook to venture there!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I was always interested in furniture/home decor since I started moving, it brings me some joy in picking those things out. These are extremely neat finds! I love the wooden heart and the fruit bowl especially! They’re simple, but extremely cute and effective!


  4. Oh my days we are twins from different era’s I love TK and Homesense, i enjoy your posts follow your blog and virtually know you! *pulls on coat* my guilty pleasure is TK Max *mouthwaters* I can loose myself in there for hours. *grabs keys* got to go now have a great weekend, got browsing to do. *slams door*… 😆


  5. I love TK Maxx!! But I realise that this is dependent on which store you go to! I’ve been to one before in Kent a few years ago and it was not great at all.

    I really like the wire basket 🙂 I think maybe it was meant for condiments but it looks good with all your hair products in it!


  6. I love knick knacks I think they express our personalities in our homes. 🙂 I especially love the plaque you found and the candle. I love burning scented candles in the winter time. It makes everything so homey! 🙂


  7. What a cool idea: candles with different scents as they burn down. I used to make candles and that kind of makes me want to get out all my equipment and take a pass at that! And I looove that fruit bowl. Great find!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. You have got some great things there and at such a bargain too! We have a TK MAXX but I don’t go in there often, I will have to take another look at their homeware stuff for sure. I do have a couple of lovely dresses that I got from there which are great quality and pretty too. 🙂


  9. I really like the salad bowl too. I sort of like TK max (then, I sort of like marmite too, I don’t hate it but I only crave it occasionally!)

    The one thing I find TK Max really helpful for is luggage. I don’t quite have the patience to go these often for the other things!

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  10. I also LOVE TK MAXX it’s great for homeware and also beauty products and makeup. My boyfriend finds bargains in there on branded trousers too! That fruit bowl is lovely, I know what you mean about wanting to find the ONE my fruit doesn’t have a home yet x

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  11. I have to say, after seeing your fashion post on TK Maxx, I went in there and found some great buys for my holiday. I love their homewear and still have a box in my room from there which I use for storing beauty products. I am in need of some photo frames so will check them out. Great post and love everything you chose!

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  12. Ohhh like you I love Tk Maxx! I actually worked there for five years so I’m a pro at finding the bargains hehe I love all your wee homey bits, that wire basket is so perfect for storing beauty products! I need to have a wee look through their home section soon!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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