Featuring: Joules Clothing

I am going to be talking about one of my favourite clothing brands today: Joules. I started shopping in Joules about a year ago and haven’t looked back since. I always thought Joules was out of my budget and didn’t sell my style of clothing- I was wrong. Yes, their clothing is quite expensive, but it’s more about the quality of items than quantity.

Joules is a very British brand which was established in 1989 by Tom Joule: he started off by selling clothes at outdoor events, the rest is history.

“Joules is a UK-based premium lifestyle brand which designs and sells Joules branded lifestyle clothing, accessories and homeware.”- Joules


I have two striped tops from Joules: one green and white one and one pink and white with silver polka dots. I like these t-shirts because they are nice and thick, not see-through like many striped t-shirts. I am very much a jeans and tee kinda gal, so these are perfect for me. They wash very well; I can see them lasting a long time.




If you aren’t obsessed with stripes like me, they also sell a wide range of work/going out tops to suit everyone. I really like the floral top below; it is quite long for me, so I love to wear it with a thin brown belt around my waist and pair with black leggings. It was hard to take a picture of the other top, unfortunately- it is all white and has a pretty decorative embroidered pattern.



Long-sleeved Tops

Joules have a range of long-sleeved tops called Harbour Tops: they are all the same style, but come in an array of different colours and patterns (I have five all together!). All of Joules prints are beautifully designed by hand, making them very special. I can always tell the difference between Joules and other brands designs. Tip: I find Joules clothing true to size apart from these tops, I always buy one size up. They are made from thick material, almost jumper like.




I am a big fan of cardigans; I have an array of colours in my wardrobe! I have two from Joules, they are the same design but in different colours. I recently got them from the Joules clearance shop on eBay for £15 each (half price I think), such a bargain! They have a loose, casual fit ideal for everyday wear, and they have pockets which are a bonus. The material feels so nice and soft to the touch.




I only have one jumper at the moment, but I really like this one (I featured it in my ‘My Most Winter Clothing’ post). Some of the jumpers from Joules are made from wool; I stay away from wool because it makes me itch! They also sell jumpers made from other materials, so I stick to those. Even if a jumper isn’t made from wool, it’s still excellent quality. This jumper is bit oversized and is very comfortable and warm to wear. I always get a lot of wear out of it!


Joules Clothing


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50 thoughts on “Featuring: Joules Clothing

  1. Congrats on these purchases 😀 You sure have some lovely tops… My favorites are the all white top, the pink cardigan (great colour!) and the one with the stripes & polkadots 🙂 Enjoy them all I’d say!
    Love, Kathleen

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  2. Id never actually heard of this brand until now. I love how youve gone into detail about each item very useful for someone like me whose never heard of the brand so thank you for sharing ☺️ x

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  3. Looooove this! I need to go to Joules more often, I only get wellies from there really…love the coats but I always talk myself out of it cos of the price…then spend the same amount if not more on a topshop coat! will check it out for sure, great read xxx

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  4. I always assumed that it was out of my price range too and never thought to shop about. I love that jumper and white shirt, though your whole collection is lovely … I may just have to check the eBay store xo

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