My First Outfit Of The Day

Welcome to my first ‘Outfit Of The Day’ post! I have been a bit nervous about this because I haven’t done anything like this before. But, in the end, I just decided to go for it…what’s the worst that could happen?!

Like many people I love clothes! I tend not to follow trends, I just like to wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in. I am a self-conscious person, so I also have to dress in a way that makes me feel a little bit more confident.

My outfit today features a black denim pinafore dress.  I always see people wearing these, but I’ve never owned anything like this myself. I always imagined I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, or it wouldn’t suit me. But I decided to ignore this doubt and just give it a go! I didn’t do any full-length shots…maybe next time.


TopShop Pinafore Dress

I bought it from TopShop a couple of weeks ago: I ordered it online and picked it up in store and tried it on. It took me a little while to realise you can undo the straps and step into it. At first, I pulled it over my head and struggled to take it off!

It is part of the petite range, I am short so I always buy petite clothes when possible. I had a gift card so I only had to put £15 towards it.

The dress is very short! I will wear this with black leggings and chunky boots. The petite range is designed for women 5’3″ and under. I think if you are 5’3″ then it would barely cover your bum!


Primark Striped Top

After I left TopShop I headed to Primark to get a top to go underneath. I LOVE stripes, so I knew exactly what I was looking for. I got this black and white top for £4, bargain! It has a ‘boat neck’, I would prefer it to have a scoop neck but never mind.


Final Thoughts

I am excited to start wearing this outfit when it is a little warmer outside without having to wear a coat. In the summer it will be nice to wear a pretty top underneath- see the picture below. It is a versatile dress, I look forward to experimenting with different looks! Let me know how you would style this pinafore dress!




imageedit_4_3439056731 imageedit_6_4308839559 imageedit_8_9252769209 imageedit_11_6525114156 imageedit_13_6240326151


77 thoughts on “My First Outfit Of The Day

  1. What a cute outfit! I kind of wear a similar outfit sometimes! I have a pinafore dress too, but it’s blue jeans.
    In black it looks really cool too, though! Keep doing outfits of the day!
    Love, elena

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  2. You could have shown the full picture of you on the dress, I love the pinafore/striped top combination(quite fashionable), your OOTD post is cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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