TK Maxx Fashion Finds

I love TK Maxx because you never know what you’re going to find! They go by the name TK Maxx in the UK, Marshalls in the US and Winners in Canada. They mostly sell clothing and homeware (I did a homeware post as well). They sell a mixture of brands at discounted prices- what’s not to love?! I always spend so long in the shop because I don’t miss anything good. Everything featured in this post was purchased within the last 6 months.

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket

People usually save the best for last, but I’m going to show you the best first. I purchased this denim jacket for £30, the RRP was £110- I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! It’s not just the brand I love, I just love the jacket even if it wasn’t Tommy Hilfiger. I love the ombre effect…I’ve never seen that effect before on a denim jacket before! The jacket is cropped; I love to wear it with simple t-shirt dresses, or with a plain white t-shirt to make the jacket stand out.

Beacon Cove Long Sleeved Top

I wasn’t sure whether to call this a top or a shirt as it has buttons, but the material is more like a top (it is 100% cotton). I haven’t heard of Beacon Cove before, but the style reminds me of the shop White Stuff. I bought it for £15, but I can’t remember the RRP. At first, you would think this is a simple plain white top, but is has cute details like the wooden buttons and the decorative stitching.

Reiss Top

I bought this top online in the clearance section for £11 (the RRP is £95!). I haven’t had anything from Reiss before, so I’m excited to have this top. It is a dark pink/red colour with black lace detailing on the arms (front and back). The material is very delicate, so I hope I don’t damage it!

Amaryllis Cardigan

I love this cardigan so much! The brand is called Amaryllis and I bought it for £15 (RRP £29.99). It is made from 100% Merino wool, which is very luxurious! I tend to stay away from wool because it makes me itch, however, this cardigan doesn’t make me itch. I love the feather design and the grey colour theme. It is a thin cardigan, but it’s nice and light to wear in the summer.

See By Chloe Long Sleeved Top

This top definitely has a girly Disney feel to it. I like to wear it with a leather jacket, black jeans and chunky biker boots- the pink gives a grungy look a girly edge. Also, I couldn’t pass up a Chloe top for £15 in the clearance section! I think the RRP on the label was £90.

Which item do you like the best? Like I said at the start, the Tommy Hilfiger jacket is my favourite. If you haven’t shopped in TK Maxx before, I highly recommend it to you.

What bargains have you found in TK Maxx before?TK Maxx Fashion Finds.jpg


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75 thoughts on “TK Maxx Fashion Finds

  1. Very cute jacket!! And I love that first top.😍 I only ever end up buying home wares at TJ Maxx but that’s only because I haven’t looked at their clothes! Oh! I did buy my tote bag from there just before I had baby Elizabeth, though! Love 💕

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  2. TK Maxx is one of my favourite places. I always find such great bargains.
    I always go in and check their beauty section. I’ve picked up so many Too Faced products for half their usual price. Fabulous!

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  3. Don’t hate me but TK Maxx is not my thing at all!! I find it super stressful!! I really wish I was that person who always found what they need / want in here but I never do!! It’s so sad!! Your haul looks like you were on a winner tho! The white top / shirt is my fave!!

    Also thinking of you today as I hit up Wilkos 😂


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    1. I think it depends on the size of the shop and how well staff keep keep everything organised to keep stress levels down! Since they done a keep refurbishment of the one near me it has been a lot better! Yes, I love that top! Haha 😂, did you get anything from Wilko?

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      1. Yes, I agree! I have two near me, I think I just need to suck it up and get on with it. Remove the mental block I have on the place.

        Can you walk into Wilko and not buy something??? If you can you a better person than me 😂 I got a desk organiser! Will pic up soon of it!


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  4. Cute grabs! I don’t know if I could pull off a jacket as cool as yours! 😉 I LOVE TJ Maxx (American), but I really have to commit when I go in there. Like you said, I don’t want to miss anything, so it takes me forever to go through each section. I also adore all the knick-knacks they have there; I tend to always come home with something I don’t really need, but looks great on my desk or dresser or kitchen counter. Totally worth it. 🙂

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  5. I love TK Maxx! Even their skincare/beauty section is pretty good! I always have a nose there. I got some cool shoes from there last week actually for £17 I think from an unknown brand.

    Around January time, I got a bath robe there for £20…really lovely texture and not the cheap type of material you get with some bath robes.

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  6. I love love LOVE TK MAXX!! My mum and I go there quite regularly. Love picking up bargains.
    Went there two weeks ago and I picked up the most gorgeous Michael Kors jacket. Completely in love with it.
    It’s one of those places that never has the same thing twice! Good haul!

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  7. Nicely done! We have TJ Maxx where I’m from and I absolutely love that store along with Homegoods. I practically live in the home decor sections but never seem to venture into the clothing section. I will check it out the next time I’m there. Your items have inspired me to take a walk on the wild side.:)

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  8. I love the jacket! I just wrote a post about my first outfit of October which included a dress from TK Maxx. I love how unique the clothes. The prices are amazing too! TK Maxx is also my favourite place to go to for Homeware items. Have you saw their Halloween collection yet? Its brilliant!

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