The Copper Trend

I have a homeware post for you today!

Copper has become a popular homeware colour in the last couple of years. When I first noticed it was becoming popular I wasn’t a massive fan of it to honest. But, since I moved into my new home in June 2016 it grew on me as I started decorating.

The only place I have copper is in my hallway. I have white walls in my hallway and vinyl flooring which looks like wooden floorboards. I wanted to keep the hallway light and simple without too many colours; that’s when I decided to use copper as an accent colour.

In this post, I will show you all the copper items I have in my hallway! Maybe you will get a little bit of inspiration for your home.

thumbnail_photo (1)

Photo Frame

I’m going to start with this cute little photo frame, because it is my favourite item! I bought it from TK Maxx when I went to Cambridge in January. It was in the clearance section, it was very expensive….£1! What a bargain- I’m so glad my bargain hunting eyes spotted it! I love the copper print on it, it contrasts so nicely against the matte white background. The picture inside the card is a greeting card I got from M&S. It fits perfectly inside the frame and is just such a lovely quote.


Polka Dot Vase

How cute is this little vase?! My sister bought it for me for Christmas. She bought it from Debenhams, it costs £10 (it is still available on the website, click HERE). It is only a small vase, but that’s what makes it cute! I would keep real flowers in it, but there’s not much natural light in the hallway, so I use fake flowers instead.



This metal copper coloured basket has a white cotton liner, making it more practical to put things in. I got it from eBay for £14.99, they might still be available now if you have a look. I keep magazines in here and paperwork which is waiting to be filled away. I keep this on the bottom of the console table in the hallway.



This clock has a simple white and copper design, it looks nice against the white walls. This was another eBay purchase, I bought it for £13.99- there are still some available if you type in ‘copper wall clock’. If you’re wondering about the coat hanger is by a brand called ‘Umbra’- I love the modern look it has.



I always say you never what you’ll find at car boot sales…that’s where I found this lamp! It was still new when I bought it for £5. It goes perfectly with all the other items I have in my hallway. I like to have it on in the evening because it lets out a nice warm cosy glow.


Trinket Dish

I got this trinket dish from House Of Fraser in the sale recently. It has a solid marble lid which adds a touch of luxury. It comes in handy to keep loose change in. This sits nicely on the console table with all the other items.


So, in conclusion, I do really like the copper trend, and I’m glad it grew on me. If you are planning on adding some copper accessories into your home, I think less is definitely more! I also think the copper colour would compliment any pastel colours you may already have in a room. Copper homeware is sold everywhere now, there is so much choice!

Question: Have you got anything copper in your house?

The Copper Trend.jpg


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82 thoughts on “The Copper Trend

  1. Loove this! The copper almost reminds me of a rose gold look. I do not own many copper things, I have a pretty grey & white minimalistic color scheme in my room, but my iPhone is rose gold ( kinda close to copper lol ) also own some Beats headphones that resemble that color! Definitely love it, so beautiful!

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  2. This is all so cute! I definitely love the copper trend (I prefer the darker kind of copper though, a bit rough almost rusty haha). I don’t own any but I think it”s really pretty, and like you did I think it’s nicer to put in one area of the house and not everywhere. The photo frame is my favorite ❤ Looks really good on top of white

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I love the copper trend, and you found some great bargains too! I really need to get to more carboot sales – they’re a great place to find all sorts of things, especially things you never knew you wanted!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I love this copper and white contrast. It looks really nice! I adore that little frame, and it’s such a neat idea to put in a greeting card! That’s really creative!
    I love homeware in general, so much cute things out there to fill your home with.

    Liked by 2 people

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