My Dressing Table/Vanity Tour

My boyfriend and I lived in a flat for 2 years before we bought our current house. I always wanted a dressing table when we lived in the flat, but there wasn’t enough room. So, when we moved house, this dressing table was one of the first new furniture items I bought.

Do you like it? I bought it from Argos for £49.99, it is part of the Malibu range and it comes in a choice of 3 different colours. I also have the matching bedside tables and chest of draws so everything matches in my bedroom.

This dressing table is perfect for me because it is just the right size: I needed something small enough to allow me to access the plugs on the left-hand side. I need a dressing table with storage space, so the 3 drawers on the left-hand side are perfect. There are also 3 little shelves on the left-hand side for bonus storage.


Vanity 14

Time For The Tour

On the right-hand side, I have my makeup brush pots that I got from Wilko in the stationary section. I also keep a wire basket that side that holds my hair products (I purchased it from TK Maxx). I like to keep these items here, so it is easy to find what I am looking for and to keep things looking organised.

In case you were wondering, I purchased the stool from an online furniture shop called Oak Furniture Solutions– the RRP is £154.00 (it is solid oak).

The most recent thing I bought for my dressing table set up was this rug from Wilko. I had been searching for the perfect rug for several months before I found it! This rug is perfect because it is thin enough to fit under the door (lots that I looked at were too thick). It has a beautiful cream and blue chevron print all over.

Vanity 10.jpg

I like to keep some decorative items on the left-hand side to make it look pretty. The vase is from Dunelm (my mum got it for me for my birthday), I love to keep it full of flowers all the time. The perfume bottle isn’t real, it’s an ornament and is made from crystal glass- it was a gem of a find in Home Sense. The picture was a postcard from Latest In Beauty, so I put it in a white frame: it reads ‘you are a fabulous person’.

vanity 5

What’s In The Drawers?

I don’t have much makeup, so everything fits in the top drawer: I keep my lip products in pen pots and the rest sits in a plastic basket. The second drawer is a bit of a miscellaneous one! I tend to just throw random stuff in there like makeup bags, toiletry bags, purses and hair curlers. In the final drawer, I keep my perfume and jewellery: I like to keep my perfumes in the bottom drawer in case they leak. I keep my silver and gold jewellery inside their boxes so they don’t get dusty, and to keep them safe.

On the left-hand side of the table, there are 3 little shelves: I keep my hair dryer and straighteners on 2 of the shelves, and a mini set of draws (I keep hair bands, nail varnish, earrings etc in there), on the other.

BeFunky Collage5.jpg

Dressing Table Tour.jpg


imageedit_4_3439056731 imageedit_6_4308839559 imageedit_8_9252769209 imageedit_11_6525114156 imageedit_13_6240326151


83 thoughts on “My Dressing Table/Vanity Tour

  1. Love this post. Told you I was curious about it! I have a very weird set right now, where one side of my desk is my dressing table and the other side has just regular desk things. I hope to change this soon. Xx

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  2. So organised!! it puts mine to complete and utter shame! I love the white, i always think it’s such a perfect choice especially for makeup because it makes everything pop!

    Rebecca xx |

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m always so curious about things like this, I’m v nosy! You have such a pretty (and organised!) set up! Xx

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

    Liked by 2 people

  4. What an adorable little station! I’m a little jealous, to be honest! I would love a dressing table like this, but there just isn’t room in my bedroom, plus when I’m getting ready early in the morning, my hubby is often still sleeping.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I love this! Yours seems very organized which is a great skill. My stuff I use for getting ready tends to travel everywhere. I would love my own dressing table! Unfortunately, our flat is quite small so there’s no room. One day I’ll get one though 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  6. This is so lovely. I don’t actually have a dressing table per se. Instead, I have two desks together in a corner, and one of them has my skincare/makeup on. But when I have my own house etc. I’ll definitely want a dressing table! 🙂

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  7. I love it! Mine is quite small, it has a small cabinet with two shelves on one side so I have to use two small bookshelves for everything else! I’m trying to downsize because I realize that I may be turning into a hoarder 😅
    I love this idea! I may have to borrow it sometime! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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