1000 Followers Q&A Part One

Woah! Thank you to everyone who sent in a question for my 1000 followers Q&A, I honestly didn’t think I was going to receive so many questions! I, in fact, received so many questions that I decided to do the post in 2 parts.

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I hope you learn a bit more about me, and that you enjoy reading my answers. Right, let’s get started!


I have a good long-term memory and I remember a lot about my childhood, but nothing in particular comes to mind. Memories spent with my family will always be my favourite.






I started a blog because I was feeling uninspired and needed something to keep me occupied at home. I also felt like I had no one to share my interests with, so I love being able to connect with like-minded people. Someone else asked your second question, you can find the answer below.


My favourite season is Spring because I love to see all the trees and flowers coming into bloom, I also like the warm weather and being able to get out and about again. I have mentioned some of my favourite blogs in an answer below.


I have put a lot of time and effort into my blog since I started it in January to get it where it is now. Consistency and interacting with others is key, there is no secret.


I am a big fan of cake! I would have a classic chocolate cake with loads of butter icing! I haven’t bought any new skincare for a long time because I am in the process of using everything up at the moment. I have 2 Leopard Geckos called Tango and Bongo- I have had them for 3 years, I love them so much!


Good question! I would keep these 3 posts: My Home One Year On, Holiday In Ibiza part one and two (they come as pair), aaaand The 90’s Tag part one and two (they also come as a pair!). I picked these because they are the most personal and mean the most to me.


I would love to go to the Maldives, Mauritius or The Seychelles just because they are so beautiful…it’s not going to happen, though!


My favourite thing about blogging is that it keeps me busy, I love being busy. I love everything I blog about, but I’m going to say lifestyle posts are my favourite to write.





I love summer! I love going to the beach and the light mornings and evenings.


My biggest pet peeve is when someone leaves a comment on my posts bluntly saying ‘Check out my blog!’. I try not to have favourites, but I always enjoy these 5 blogs (in no particular order): Starring Pamela,  Oriana’s Notes, The Life Of Angela, Busy Bee and Kerry Life And Loves *wink wink*. Chips and a chocolate bar for dessert (if it meant I wouldn’t put weight on!).


I’m not scared of dogs, but I’ve always been a little bit nervous around them for some reason. I love cats because they are super cute, and their personalities are a good match for my own. I don’t have a cat, but I’d love to one day!


Cool question! My favourite social media site is Twitter because it’s easy to use to promote my blog and interact with others. I enjoy Instagram as well, but I’m not very good at it!


I LOVE all posts to be honest because I love a variety, I’d get bored otherwise. I’m still happy travelling within Europe at the moment, I would love to visit more Greek islands. My favourite breakfast food is what I have almost every day- plain Greek yoghurt with a sliced banana on the top, drizzled with honey and topped with toasted oats.


To be honest, I’m not into famous people and knowing who’s who. However, I adore Zoe Sugg, so I’d love to be her for a day!


There are lots of things I’d like to give up, to be honest! I recently deleted all of my posts I’m not fond of, so I happy with all my posts at the moment. I can’t think of any famous people I’d like to be, but I’d love to be someone who travels with unlimited money!


Apart from sentimental items, I’m going to my phone- I’m pretty sure most people would say phone!

My questions to YOU!

I have 3 questions for you, feel free to join in to keep the comments interactive.

Who is your favourite superhero?

What was your first ever blog post?

Are you scared of spiders?



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26 thoughts on “1000 Followers Q&A Part One

  1. It was really nice knowing about you beautiful Emma.
    I don’t have any super hero but I will always love power puff girls as they were my heroes in childhood and gave me many inspirations to deal and work out with the evils and hard tasks.
    My first blog was about my own city
    And yes I’m scared of spiders.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love this! It was nice to get to know more about you πŸ˜„ and thanks for the shout out!! Yours is one of my favourite blogs to read too πŸ™‚
    My favourite superhero is wonder woman lately. Probably cause her movie was the most recent one I saw, and it was awesome πŸ˜„

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohhhh I really enjoyed reading this Emma, I feel like I know you a little better now. Such a lovely post. So, my answers,
    Favourite Superhero – Without doubt Wonder Woman and honestly, as a child I truly thought I would grow up to be her. I loved her. I am also a huge fan of Dangermouse as a super hero too
    My first blog post was called “Am I a Salesmans Dream?” It was about my inability to resist pretty packaging and branding.
    Spiders – I once fainted because a spider dropped in the hood of my dressing gown. Yep, a little bit scared of them buggers……


  4. I really enjoyed this post. Always love Q & A posts.
    To answer your questions
    Who is your favourite superhero? Wonder Woman and Iron Man

    What was your first ever blog post? I don’t even remember my first ever blog post. That was awhile ago and on a different format. On my current blog my first blog was called Game Over and it was me just talking about starting to blog.

    Are you scared of spiders? Ehhhh, depends. Sometimes they freak me out, other times I enjoy watching and feeding them.


  5. I loved this post!
    As for your questions..
    I don’t have a favourite superhero.. I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything superhero related!
    My first ever blog post was a January favourites post and yes I’m absolutely terrified of spiders! Literally freak out if I’m in the same room as one!


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