Summer Summary 2017

I know how everyone looks forward to Autumn at this time of year, but personally, I wish it could stay summer! As we unfortunately get closer and closer to the end of summer I would like to take this opportunity to do a summary of my summer. Between the months of May and August, I did a lot of overtime at work so I didn’t get to enjoy summer as much as I hoped.

Here is what I got up to…

Holiday In Ibiza

My boyfriend and I booked our holiday to Ibiza in January, so we couldn’t wait for it to be summer! We like to go aboard in May because it’s just the right temperature for us, and there aren’t many other tourists around yet. Our main goal was to prove that Ibiza isn’t just a party island; we found a lot to do out and about exploring the island. We enjoyed every minute of our 2 week holiday, we were very sad when it came to an end! Going abroad once a year is always the highlight of my year.

In case you missed the posts: Ibiza Part One/ Ibiza Part Two

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Ibiza- Part Two

A Day In Norwich

Norwich (Norfolk, UK) is the closest city to me and is always my shopping destination. It dawned on me one day that there is a lot more to do in Norwich apart from just shopping! So, I pretended I was a visitor coming to the city for the first time and went exploring. The main attractions in Norwich are the castle and cathedral, so I visited these along with a few others. I had a nice day and the weather was great, it was nice to do something different apart from just shopping (Okay, I did a bit of shopping as well!).

I did a post about my day: coming soon!

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A Day At The Zoo

I had been looking forward to going to the zoo all summer, I was finally able to go in August! My boyfriend and I went on a Sunday when, finally, neither of us had to work. They have a car boot sale every Sunday at the zoo, so we took advantage of this and sold some of our unwanted belongings- we enjoyed it very much and sold most of our stuff. We had a great day at the zoo and loved seeing all the animals- it was worth the wait! There was a lot to see and do, ideal for everyone.

I did a post about my day: A Day At The Zoo

Zoo Header 2

Summer In Pictures

In the summer, there is always something pretty you can take a picture of. I especially love taking pictures of flowers and the countryside- It’s nice being able to go for a walk on a nice day and take pictures as you go along.

summer collage one

I know I always go on about my holiday, but here are some of my favourite pictures from Ibiza.

holiyay collage.jpg

Blogging In The Summer

I have enjoyed blogging in summer because I started my blog in January when it was cold and dark outside! It has been nice being able to take blog pictures in the evenings after work, instead of cramming everything in at the weekend. I will miss the natural lighting and cute summer blog posts!

A few of my favourite summer blog posts: Summer Outfit IdeasBerry Smoothie Recipe/ Zoella Beauty Summer Range

Summer Blog Posts

Summer Summary Summary

I would have liked to do more in the summer months, but like I said at the start, I did a lot of overtime at work. Despite this, I have loved summer and enjoyed doing everything I did. We did have some hot days, but not many! I have already started a list of things I would like to next summer!

What have you been up to this summer? Let me know!



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26 thoughts on “Summer Summary 2017

  1. You crammed a lot into your summer, despite working lots. Your holiday looked amazing and I agree, there is so much more to Ibiza than partying. My Summer was a bit of a right off this year as my husband got taken ill, but I still enjoyed the warm weather. Im with you on the summer blogging front too, I enjoy writing summery posts x

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  2. I really like going abroad outside of the main holiday season. I went to Turkey at the end of September a few years ago and it was great – not crowded with tourists and the local people weren’t so busy and had time to chat. This summer went by so quickly. We got our garden sorted out – there was only good weather for one barbecue, but it’s nice to know that it’s all ready for next year.Now it’s time for the autumn posts 🙂


  3. Summer has been really good! I love both spring and summer, personally, I can’t deal with cold very well, but I grew to appreciate every season. Your summer was packed with exciting stuff! I dyed my hair rose gold (unfortunately washed off very quickly) and started my blog! Can’t wait to see what Autumn will bring.

    Julia xx


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