30 Day Photography Challenge Days 1-10

I am trying a different kind of blog post today, I am doing my first photography challenge! Angela from the Life Of Angela had been doing this challenge, so I have been inspired to join in as well!

Instead of doing one upload a day for a month, I am going to do 10 days in one post. I enjoy taking pictures, but I am no expert! I already had some of the pictures I needed, but some I had to take some especially for this challenge.

I hope you will enjoy this little series and that you’ll enjoy my pictures. Have you done a photography challenge before?

(Header photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

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Day 1: Self-portrait

I’m pretty sure you have seen this picture before! I use it as my blog picture and profile picture for my social media accounts. Everyone always says they love the lipstick I’m wearing, it is one from Younique.


Day 2: What You Wore

This picture was taken in Ibiza when I went on holiday there in May. We had a lot of walking to do that day in Ibiza Town, so wore a pretty pastel coloured top, pale blue shorts and comfy black strappy sandals- oh, and a sun hat so my scalp didn’t burn!


Day 3: Clouds

I love looking at clouds because they are so pretty and are always changing. I took this picture one day when I was a passenger in a car from the window! The clouds were so big and fluffy that day, I just had to take a picture.


Day 4: Something Green

This is a throwback to the summer! This picture was taken in August when I had a few days off work. I went for a walk to make the most of the weather and thought this would be a cute picture idea.


Day 5: After Dark

I wanted to use a picture of fireworks but I couldn’t find any of my pictures, so I decided to go with this fountain picture instead. This picture was taken in Ibiza when we went in May 2017- the fountain kept changing colours, it was so pretty.


Day 6: Obsession

There is one thing that comes to mind that I’m obsessed with: my blog! I don’t think it’s a bad thing that I’m a bit obsessed because I do enjoy it very much. When I started my blog in January 2017, I didn’t think I’d stick to it for so long!


Day 7: Changes To Come

I’d like to become more organised and start list making to help make daily tasks appear more manageable. I have this cute stationery picture below because it will help me become more organised and not leave things to the last minute.


Day 8: Routine

Applying makeup is definitely a big part of my routine because I wear makeup every day. I don’t wear a lot during the week when I am work, but I do like to wear a little bit. This picture is from a blog post I have coming up soon- watch this space!

photo (4)

Day 9: Someone You Love

Someone I love is my boyfriend, of course! We have been together for almost 5 years now and have lived together for 3 years.met me online, so we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise as he grew up 30 miles from me.


Day 10: Childhood Memory

I have lots of childhood memories of going to the beach with my family, we used to mostly go on a Sunday when the weather was nice. We lived roughly 15 miles from the coast, so we didn’t have far to go.



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41 thoughts on “30 Day Photography Challenge Days 1-10

  1. I do love this challenge and like you mentioned I’m also no expert. I can image this challenge really benefiting your skills and making you think about your photos more. Let me know if this the case, I should do it to then 🙂 Great picture choices, I especially love the one with your stationary xx


  2. Ohhh I am so into photography challenges at the moment. I love the photos you have taken here, and the themes. I started a 52 week one a while back, the idea being a pic a week for a year. I may have to shorten it as another 10 months seems to far away! 30 days is a good one. Fab x

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I was going to do blogvember… but I have been struggling with topics! So I think I will just join in this one instead. This will be a very big challenge for me but I’m going to do it. 🙂


  4. Those are some lovely pictures! And I agree with you on the blogging being a good kind of obsession 🙂 Ibiza’s water fountains seem like a good reason to take a trip there. You take wonderful photographs!


  5. Looking through the photos of your challenge was a lot of fun. I’m just finishing up with a 7-day black and white photo challenge, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Black and white photography isn’t something I’ve appreciated until this very week. Enjoy the rest of your challenge, and I look forward to following your photos.


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