30-Day Photography Challenge

When I first did this 30-day photography challenge I did it in 3 parts, but I have now compressed it into one. I enjoyed doing this challenge very much, it was good fun! It sounds like a lot of hard work to take 30 pictures, but I already had some pre-existing pictures I could use.

Be sure to let me know which pictures are your favourites!

(Header photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

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Day 1: Self-portrait

I’m pretty sure you have seen this picture before! I use it on my blog homepage and it’s my profile picture on my social media accounts. Everyone always says they love the lipstick I’m wearing, it is one from Younique.


Day 2: What You Wore

This picture was taken in Ibiza when I went on holiday there in May. We had a lot of walking to do that day in Ibiza Town, so I wore a pretty pastel coloured top, pale blue shorts and comfy black strappy sandals- oh, and a sun hat so my scalp didn’t burn!


Day 3: Clouds

I love looking at clouds because they are so pretty and are always changing. I took this picture one day when I was a passenger in a car from the window! The clouds were so big and fluffy that day, I just had to take a picture.


Day 4: Something Green

This is a throwback to the summer! This picture was taken in August when I had a few days off work. I went for a walk to make the most of the weather and thought this would be a cute picture idea.


Day 5: After Dark

I wanted to use a picture of fireworks but I couldn’t one, so I decided to go with this fountain picture instead. This picture was taken in Ibiza when we went in May 2017. The fountain kept changing colours, it was so pretty.


Day 6: Obsession

There is one thing that comes to mind that I’m obsessed with: my blog! I don’t think it’s a bad thing that I’m a bit obsessed because I do enjoy it very much. When I started my blog in January 2017, I didn’t think I’d stick to it for so long!


Day 7: Changes To Come

I’d like to become more organised and start list making to help make daily tasks appear more manageable. I have this cute stationery picture below because it will help me become more organised and not leave things to the last minute.


Day 8: Routine

Applying makeup is definitely a big part of my routine because I wear makeup every day. I don’t wear a lot during the week when I am work, but I do like to wear a little bit. This picture is from a blog post I have coming up soon- watch this space!

photo (4)

Day 9: Someone You Love

Someone I love is my boyfriend, of course! We have been together for almost 5 years now and have lived together for 3 years.met me online, so we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise as he grew up 30 miles from me.


Day 10: Childhood Memory

I have lots of childhood memories of going to the beach with my family, we used to mostly go on a Sunday when the weather was nice. We lived roughly 15 miles from the coast, so we didn’t have far to go.


Day 11: Something Blue

I was going to share a picture of the sea, but decided that would be too easy as I have so many pictures of the sea! The colour theme of my bedroom is blue and white, so I took a picture of these cute little vases that sit on the window sill.


Day 12: Sunset

When I go abroad, I always take some sunset pictures as they are so beautiful, so I had a lot to choose from! I selected this picture I took in Corfu in 2014, it was also my blog header image for a long time!


Day 13: Cannot Live Without

One of the things I can not live without is COFFEE! I love coffee so much, I can’t begin my day until I have had one. The mug pictured is one of my favourites, it features an image of the seaside town of Aldeburgh which is close to where I grew up.


Day 14: Eyes

I find it hard taking pictures of my eyes using my camera phone because the close-up quality just doesn’t look very good. However, I found this picture from a post I did when I reviewed a mascara.


Day 15: Silhouette

I’m guessing this is what’s meant by silhouette?! I have no idea where and when I took this picture, I just found it on my old iPod touch. I love this picture, I love all of the contrasting colours.


Day 16: A Good Habit

One good habit I’m good at is saving money, but I didn’t know how I could take a picture of this! Another good habit of mine is that I am good at keeping my house clean and tidy, so I decided to take a picture of my kitchen.


Day 17: Technology

There are so many pictures of technology you can take because technology is everywhere! I decided to take a picture of my laptop, tablet and phone because they are all the things I use to do my blog.


Day 18: Your Shoes

My favourite item of footwear to wear are boots! Now that is is Autumn, I can swap my sandals for boots. I have this really nice shoe cupboard that fits a maximum of 12 pairs of shoes (I do have to share it with my boyfriend, though!).


Day 19: Something You Want

I couldn’t think of anything I want, apart from things I can’t actually take a picture of! I decided to share a picture of my Pandora bracelet in the end because I’d like more charms to fill the bracelet up. I like the two-toned charms, they are expensive though!


Day 20: In My Bag

I already had this picture because I did a ‘what’s in my bag post’ recently. I like to have a small bag because I don’t carry much around with me- just the essentials. Here is a link to the post if you’d like to have a nosey in my bag!


Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait

I know you can still see my face, but this is close enough! This picture was taken at Eaton Park in Norwich- it’s nice to go for a walk in the park in Autumn when it is a nice day. My boyfriend is my photographer…he is learning!


Day 22: Inspirational

I love prints and home decor items that have something inspirational and cute written on them. These 2 items have appeared 585848 times on my blog, but I still love them so much! The lightbox is from Wilko, the frame is from TK Maxx and the picture inside was a greetings card from M&S.


Day 23: Patterns

Originally, I wanted to take a picture of some pretty wrapping paper in a shop, but I completely forgot when I went shopping! In the end, I took a picture of cushions on my sofa. The colour theme in my living room is grey and mustard yellow- I love it!


Day 24: Animal

This lovely fluffy rabbit is called Tom. He is no longer with us unfortunately, he passed away last year. He loved running around outside and stuffing his face with grass-he had such chubby cheeks!


Day 25: Strangers

I can’t find a picture of this at the moment! I’ll add a picture when I find one.

Day 26: Close-up

I know the quality of this picture is a bit rubbish, but I still like it anyway! I took this picture last summer at my parent’s house in the countryside. It was hard to take a picture whilst the wings were open!


Day 27: Celebration

This was my Christmas tree in 2016, it was our first Christmas in our new house. I love to have a green and gold Christmas tree because it’s traditional, I love the little pinecones on the tree. I had a lot of gifts to give to my family that year.


Day 28: Flowers

I had so many flower pictures to choose from because I love flowers so much! My parents always have loads of hanging baskets in the summer, so lots of picture opportunities. I love the contrast of the white against the green.


Day 29: Black & White

I love black and white pictures because a picture completely changes in black and white. I took this picture inside Norwich cathedral, it looks a bit spooky but it’s so beautiful without the black and white filter.


Day 30: Self Portrait

This picture is a screenshot from my phone when I was testing out the different filters- I think it looks quite cool! Which filter do you think looks best? I like the chrome one. I uploaded this picture on Instagram recently.



imageedit_4_3439056731 imageedit_6_4308839559 imageedit_8_9252769209 imageedit_11_6525114156 imageedit_13_6240326151


50 thoughts on “30-Day Photography Challenge

  1. I do love this challenge and like you mentioned I’m also no expert. I can image this challenge really benefiting your skills and making you think about your photos more. Let me know if this the case, I should do it to then 🙂 Great picture choices, I especially love the one with your stationary xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhh I am so into photography challenges at the moment. I love the photos you have taken here, and the themes. I started a 52 week one a while back, the idea being a pic a week for a year. I may have to shorten it as another 10 months seems to far away! 30 days is a good one. Fab x

    Liked by 4 people

  3. I was going to do blogvember… but I have been struggling with topics! So I think I will just join in this one instead. This will be a very big challenge for me but I’m going to do it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Those are some lovely pictures! And I agree with you on the blogging being a good kind of obsession 🙂 Ibiza’s water fountains seem like a good reason to take a trip there. You take wonderful photographs!


  5. Looking through the photos of your challenge was a lot of fun. I’m just finishing up with a 7-day black and white photo challenge, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Black and white photography isn’t something I’ve appreciated until this very week. Enjoy the rest of your challenge, and I look forward to following your photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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