Birthday Blog Party!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

Guess what? It’s my 26th birthday today! I can’t quite believe it’s that time of year again, but I’m happy and excited about it.

I hosted a blog party back in June, so I thought it would be a good idea to do another one to celebrate- who doesn’t love a blog party?! By the way, a blog party is a way to discover new blogs to follow, and to interact with others.


3 Little House Rules

– Leave a link to your blog in the comments below, and briefly let us know what you blog about

– Also in the comments, answer these 2 question: how do you celebrate your birthday, and what would you bring to my birthday party?

– If you leave a link to your blog, please follow a minimum 3 blogs you are interested in to make the party a success- thanks!

I hope you find lots of new blogs to follow- helping others helps you. I look forward to reading all of your answers to the questions. Enjoy the party!


Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash


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91 thoughts on “Birthday Blog Party!

  1. Happy Birthday, Emma! 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic day/weekend.

    A blog party is a great idea! So, for those that don’t know, my name is Shaun and I run Clockwork Clouds; it’s a blog about positivity and productivity, it’s about sharing inspiration and promoting creativity. I post every Monday, normally about something I’ve learnt, and I’m always looking for guest posters who want to share their creations and lessons with others. You can find me here:

    For my birthday I try to do something different each year, but the two constants are: Friends and Family. As long as I have those two elements, the rest is interchangeable. It’s just nice to spend time with the people closest! If I was attending your party, Em, I’d bring a notebook so I could jot down any tips I might just happen to learn about blogging from you 😉 haha.

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  2. Happy birthday Emma!! 🙂 🙂
    This is such a nice idea…… Thanks for the blog party…….
    Hello lovely people…..
    My sister and I have started this blog recently. This is a place to keep our collection of thoughts, opinions, and some of our favorite things. We hope our blog will serve as some inspiration for you all…..!!
    We will be so happy to have you with us on our blogging journey……. 🙂 🙂
    Here is the link to our blog

    On our birthdays we love to go out and enjoy the day with our family and friends…..

    We would bring some Indian sweets for you….. Hope you’ll like them 😉 😀

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  3. Firstly, happy birthday fellow Scorpio!!

    This is me –
    I blog about places I’ve visited, travel/food/drink and I. Emcrouage folks to try the same places and let me know if they have also been by using th hashtag #iwozere!

    I celebrate my birthday with my nearest and dearest. My birthday was 4th and I went to bingo! Actually won £500 so that was fun and I’d definitely recommend it to other.
    For your party, I will be bringing my famous vodka jelly orange slices!! Always go down a treat

    Have a fab one 👌

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  4. Happy Birthday Emma! Hope you really enjoy it!

    My name is Siyana and I blog over I write beauty, lifestyle, blogging tips, so you can find tons of different posts.

    I don’t usually celebrate my birthdays, because during winter there are a lot of obstacles 😀 Snow storms, flu epidemic, etc. It’s definitely not the best time of the year, but oh well.
    For your birthday I’d bring party hats and helium balloons 😀 They sound so much fun!!

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  5. Happy birthday, Emma! 🎉 I hope that you have an amazing day!

    Hey everyone! I’m Maddy and I blog at where I share my photography. Photography is something that I have enjoyed for a long time, and I love having a place where I can share my pictures with everyone. ❤️
    To answer the questions.. I have spent a lot of birthdays at the beach since my bday is in the middle of summer. I think that’s what I’m going to do again next year. 😀 And for your birthday, I would bring chocolate and balloons. 🎈🍫

    I’m looking forward to meeting some new bloggers!

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  6. Happy Birthday! 🎈

    I’m here
    I blog about my life with wheels, dramas, adventures and a lot of tea.

    I spread my birthdays out for as longs a possible 😊 celebrating with a family meal and then an adventure with friends, usually involving food and drink!

    To your party I would bring my homemade millionaire shortbread and a bottle of fizz!

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  7. Happy Birthday! ❤
    Hope your having a great one😊

    Im a medical student who loves to bake and travel. I write a blog called lemonzest. Hope you guys like it😊

    On my birthday, i usually celebrate lunch with my college friends. I meet my school friends for dinner. And i also go out for a meal with my family on one of the days around my birthday. My mum bakes a gorgeous 3 tier cake every year that i absolutely relish!

    For your birthday I’d bring you pitchers of my signature sangria! 🍷🥂🍸🍹🍺😄

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  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Have lots of fun.
    I am a lifestyle blogger so I blog about a lot, such as beauty, fashion, travel, food, recipes, reviews, and anything else I might find interesting.
    I’m at
    On my birthday I usually just chill at home most of the day with my family. But for almost the last decade my dad and I go out and get coffee on the morning of my birthday and we just sit and talk. My mom cooks a special dinner for me too. I always enjoy my birthday even though it’s extremely low key.
    If I was coming to your birthday I would bring cheesecake, a set of new lipsticks, and my winning personality.

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  9. Hello and happy birthday! My blog is and I blog about skincare, make-up, dogs, travel and chocolate to name a few things! I usually make my birthday last about a week because I like to celebrate with my partner, family and friends, but I’m not really into big parties, so we have smaller ones and I get the chance to spend more time with everyone. If I came to your party, I would bring a massive chocolate cake! Have fun whatever you have planned XX

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  10. Happy birthday Emma!!

    I’m lillian B, am a student blogger, I blog about lifestyle, fitness and oh about travel(that’s a great hobby) all on

    On my birthday, I spend some crazy time with friends, we visit a new area, then I spend the rest of the day with family.

    For your birthday I would get you a chocoloate cake and a fresh apple juice, they are a lovely combination.

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  11. Wow Happy birthday Emma ! 🎁🎉 I hope you had a wonderful day 😊

    And here’s my blog, to participate to this great party ! :

    My blog is about Fashion, DIY, Beauty & Travel 👠✂💋✈
    Take a look, you might like it !

    And here are my answers :
    – How do you celebrate your birthday:
    I usually go to the restaurant, with the people that I love 💗
    – What would you bring to my birthday party? :
    I would bring my homemade vanilla-caramel cake, and some good French champagne ! 🎂🍾😉

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  12. Happy Birthday Emma!

    I am brand new to blogging (two weeks new) and I have loved reading your posts about it. I only have 2 blogs up but I am working on some currently. I like to write about life, beauty, and celebrations-because what is life without beautiful parties! My blog is here:

    I will use any excuse to travel and birthdays are no exception. Each year I plan a trip with some friends and we slowly tick off our bucket list. It helps put a little excitement into getting old.

    Birthdays can not be celebrated without cake! I would bring a 24 pack of Baked by Melissa cupcakes to celebrate with!

    Hope your day is everything you wish it be!

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  13. Happy Birthday Emma!


    I blog about travel, blogging/social media tips, self care, and sometimes can’t fight the urge to show off my latest digital art project.

    I’ve found life runs much more smoothly when I let the boss (my wife) do the birthday planning but we almost always use birthdays as an excuse to head out of town for a week or 2.

    Looks like you already have everything a thriving 26-er could want, including a bunch of awesome blogging friends, so I’ll bring the napkins cuz it looks like things are gonna get rowdy here later.

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  14. happy birthday girl!

    I’m Jamie, I blog over at about fashion, beauty, reviews, netflix & more! It’s a lifestyle blog, so I like to keep my options open 🙌🏻

    I like to celebrate my birthday by being surrounded by all my friends & I would definitely bring champagne to your party!

    hope you have a lovely birthday weekend! 😄

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  15. Happy Birthday Emma! Thanks for hosting the party 🙂

    My name is Kerry and I blog over at I blog about beauty and lifestyle, and host regular Cuppa and a Chat posts. All welcome

    I celebrate my birthday for at least a week. I love birthdays and still, even at my age, get very excited. I love to be surrounded by my family on my birthday, and it has to involve cocktails and cake.
    If I were coming to your party Emma I would bring a huge dressing up box as I think it breaks the ice when everyone looks a little silly, and it will be fun as everyone gets more drunken.

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  16. Happy birthday Emma!! We’re both 1991 babies it would seem 😀
    Hi everyone, my name is Angela. I blog over at and talk about all my interests and life in general. I like to talk about anything and everything.
    I like to celebrate my birthday by being surrounded by loved ones and just having a nice time.
    If I was coming to your party, I would bring helium balloons, because parties should have balloons 😂

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  17. Hi Emma! Hope you’ve had the best birthday:) when it comes to my own celebrations, I usually have a nice day in with my family, open presents and of course eat a lot of food, which is something I’d like to bring along to this party – preferably of the chocolate cake variety!

    Over on, I like to blog about from anything related to food and fitness to wellbeing and productivity – I don’t have a very specific niche, but I guess ‘living a healthy, fulfilling and well-rounded lifestyle’ summarises it. I like to be as transparent and open as possible, also covering serious topics such as mental health on a regular basis.

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful party!

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  18. Happy Birthday, Emma – Enjoy the day and all the best for the year to come. One thing we have in common, we share the same month for our birthday.

    How do you celebrate your birthday: This year I am not privy to know any of the details as my husband and kids are organizing a special bash for me, but usually we will have family and friends over to our house with some home-made treats to enjoy and just having fun together.
    What would you bring to my birthday party? I will bake up a storm of homemade tried and tested goodies/treats just for you.

    Link to my blog:

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  19. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s been good fun x
    I can bring cake, whisky or cake soaked in whisky – whatever your preference. For my own birthday – 10 minutes peace and quiet would be wonderful 😉
    I’m Sonia, I’m blogging at
    which is finding its way, but seems to be mostly about raising kids, dogs and vegetables. My latest post is Schrödinger’s Sock Paradox – how socks can exist and not exist at the same time – parents of small boys will understand 😉

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  20. Happy Birthday Emma. I just pulled fresh warm cookies out of the oven so I would bring those to your party 🙂 My name is Wanda and I blog over at this is the place where I thrive on making, baking, DIY and decorating. Most of my decorating involves using vintage trinkets, treasure and other quirky things, that I buy and sell.
    I was referred here by another blogger 🙂

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  21. Happy 26th Birthday Emma! I hope u had a wonderful day celebrating it! 🎂🍾

    My blog is about beauty, food, lifestyle and travel. Im also into making henna candles or even customized candles! Im new to blogging, been wanting to do it for a long time!… here’s a link to my blog; would be wonderful if u follwed my page 😘😘

    Normally for my birthday i spend it with my family. My mum last year booked a spa day at Whittlebury Hall, then followed by a nice meal in the evening. Its quite relaxing! 🙄

    Happy Birthday once again! 💖

    For your birthday i would bring a penyata! We had one for my best friends sisters baby shower! It was actually soo fun! We all faught for the good sweets 😂 #innerchild


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