30 Day Photography Challenge Days 11-20

Here is part 2 of the photography challenge I am taking part in. I hope you are enjoying it so far! Let me know if you decide to join in, or if you have already completed the challenge. I am enjoying it very much so far!

Part one: Days 1-10

(Header photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

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Day 11: Something Blue

I was going to share a picture of the sea, but decided that would be too easy as I have so many pictures of the sea! The colour theme of my bedroom is blue and white, so I took a picture of these cute little vases that sit on the window sill.


Day 12: Sunset

When I go abroad, I always take some sunset pictures as they are so beautiful, so I had a lot to choose from! I selected this picture I took in Corfu in 2014, it was also my blog header image for a long time!


Day 13: Cannot Live Without

One of the things I can not live without is COFFEE! I love coffee so much, I can’t begin my day until I have had one. The mug pictured is one of my favourites, it features an image of the seaside town of Aldeburgh which is close to where I grew up.


Day 14: Eyes

I find it hard taking pictures of my eyes using my camera phone because the close-up quality just doesn’t look very good. However, I found this picture from a post I did when I reviewed a mascara.


Day 15: Silhouette

I’m guessing this is what’s meant by silhouette?! I have no idea where and when I took this picture, I just found it on my old iPod touch. I love this picture, I love all of the contrasting colours.


Day 16: A Good Habit

One good habit I’m good at is saving money, but I didn’t know how I could take a picture of this! Another good habit of mine is that I am good at keeping my house clean and tidy, so I decided to take a picture of my kitchen.


Day 17: Technology

There are so many pictures of technology you can take because technology is everywhere! I decided to take a picture of my laptop, tablet and phone because they are all the things I use to do my blog.


Day 18: Your Shoes

My favourite item of footwear to wear are boots! Now that is is Autumn, I can swap my sandals for boots. I have this really nice shoe cupboard that fits a maximum of 12 pairs of shoes (I do have to share it with my boyfriend, though!).


Day 19: Something You Want

I couldn’t think of anything I want, apart from things I can’t actually take a picture of! I decided to share a picture of my Pandora bracelet in the end because I’d like more charms to fill the bracelet up. I like the two-toned charms, they are expensive though!


Day 20: In My Bag

I already had this picture because I did a ‘what’s in my bag post’ recently. I like to have a small bag because I don’t carry much around with me- just the essentials. Here is a link to the post if you’d like to have a nosey in my bag!



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17 thoughts on “30 Day Photography Challenge Days 11-20

  1. I love these photos too, Emma. Your kitchen is lovely and tidy and I can’t believe how organised your bag is! If I were to empty mine out, there would be a load of receipts, scrunched up bits of paper, odd coins and a load of other rubbish in it!

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  2. I love this photography challenge. I always take a kazillion photos of the sunset when I am on holiday. Your photo from Corfu is beautiful. And I hate taking close-up shots on my camera phone. I really struggle with taking images of my eyes as well. x


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