Chrismas Card Exchange 2017

Guys, it’s almost that time of year again! As we’re nearing the end of November, I feel like Christmas planning is in full swing now- at least for me anyway! I have done the majority of my Christmas shopping, and everything is all wrapped up and ready to go (organised I know).

One thing I haven’t done yet though is written out all my Christmas cards. Well, I say all, I haven’t got many to write this year. I used to give and receive so many cards, but in recent years the numbers have dwindled. After thinking about this, I came up with the idea of doing a Christmas card swap with fellow bloggers in this community. Yes, I would like to do a Christmas card swap with some of you- exciting!

If you would like to join, in please e-mail me (, so we can swap addresses. I am willing to send a few abroad if we have a good blogging relationship. I live in the UK, so please keep this in mind. I would love to send one of these beautiful cards your way!




imageedit_4_3439056731 imageedit_6_4308839559 imageedit_8_9252769209 imageedit_11_6525114156 imageedit_13_6240326151


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