How To Pick a Name For Your Blog

I recently changed my blog name from Everything EmmZeeBee to The Emma Edit. When I was picking a new name, I had lots of ideas floating around my head, so I wrote them all down so I could pick the best one. I like to blog about a wide range of topics, so I had to pick a name that would depict that: I feel like the name The Emma Edit does that but doesn’t give too much away at the same time.

If you’re reading this, then the chances are you already have a blog with an awesome name. But, if you are looking to change your name like I did, I would like to share with you 10 blog names I love, and give you some tips to inspire you a little bit.


Blog Name Tips

  • Think about why you don’t like your current blog name anymore so you can start making steps in the right direction
  • Brainstorm some ideas, you’d be surprised what you can think up. Jot down ideas so you don’t forget them
  • Your blog name is the first thing people see, so think about what impression you want to give to your potential reader- try to give an indication as to what your blog is about
  • Including your name makes your blog seem more personal and lets people know who you are (unless you want to be anonymous)
  • Short blog names are more catchy and memorable
  • When you come up with a name you are happy with, make sure no else goes by that name, and make sure the domain name is available
  • Will you still love your new blog name in 1 years time? 5 years time? 10 years time?


I like this name because blogging really has been an adventure: you never know what’s around the corner, and it has its ups and downs (mostly ups!) like everything else.


If my blog was all about fashion I would have loved to have this as my blog name. I am a sucker for any clothing items with polka dots or stripes on them.


I know my blog posts are always quite long, but if I was blogging under this name then my posts would be short and simple. I am also a short human being (simple as well?!), so the name would have a double meaning.


My boyfriend was saying something about short paragraphs the other day, so I decided Tiny Paragraphs would be a mega cute blog name!


If you are a chef like me then you’ll know that all chefs call each other chef! I post a few recipes on my blog, but if I posted only recipes then this would definitely be my blog name.


This is the same as my old blog name, I just replaced EmmZeeBee with Emma to make it sound more grown up. I didn’t pick this because I wanted a fresh start for my blog.


Okay, so this name is far too long but I still like it. I don’t know about you, but when I write a blog post or do anything blog related I put my whole heart into it.


I like this name and wanted it to represent my little space on the internet, but at the same time, it makes it sound like I am belittling my blog- not the desired effect!

wedding (1)

This name was a close second but I thought it was a little bit too long. I thought ‘experience’ was a good word to use, as it covers a wide range of topics and experiences in my life!

wedding (2)

If I blogged about lifestyle and recipes then I would blog under this name. I love the idiom ‘take with a pinch of salt’, and of course ‘a pinch of salt’ is a term used in cooking.

I hope you have found my tips helpful and that you enjoyed looking through my blog name ideas. Do you think I picked the right blog name to show that I blog about a wide range of topics?

Are you happy with your blog name? Have you changed it before? Are you thinking about changing it?

Also, let me know what your thought process was when you picked your blog name and the meaning/story behind it.

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60 thoughts on “How To Pick a Name For Your Blog

  1. I have days when I hate my blog name, days when I love it, so I just go with it at the moment. I had another blog a few years back, (that I mucked up on and lost) and it was called Walking in Heels. I follow another blog called The Anna Edit, and funnily enough, that name is her second name that she moved to a few year back! Maybe your new name feels grown up now? I like your new name x

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  2. I love all these names! I didn’t really think about my name too much, I just liked the idea of including my name in it, and it detailed my life, so I made the obvious jump 😂 I have to say though, I”m quite drawn to “The Emma Experience”, it sounds so mysterious 😀

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  3. Well, with an awesome name like Emma, you kinda have to use it in your blog name 😉 I think I may have put some of my ex-boyfriends through the Emma Experience 😂 your new name is spot on, I love it! X


  4. Your new name is definitely the best I think ! I struggled so much when I chose my blogs name, I wanted something that allowed me to write about everything, and that included my name for the same reason you explained. As a non English native speaker, I’m not even sure that my blog name actually means something haha ! 😅

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  5. Mine used to be kyrosmagica bu I’m now MJ Mallon as that’s my published author name. I’ve kept kyrosmagica as my publishing name as I loved it so much. Emma Edit is memorable and short and to the point, well done. Hope your new name brings you much blogging happinness. 🙂

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  6. Really lovely blog names! 😊 But I truly think you picked the best one!❤️ Personally, I did kind-of sruggle with coming up with a blog name at first, but now I LOVE my name! 😍 Great Post! 😄😄


  7. When I started my blog in 2012, “Boots Shoes & Fashion “ was an apt name as I concentrated on just that (plus that domain was available too!) Since 2012 my blog has evolved to more than that – it is now mostly an interview blog covering a wide range of topics – but I’m aware of my title and as I do tend to talk boots with my guests whether they are designers or authors, I try to keep a link with fashion somewhere along the line, however loose that connection maybe. There are days I think I should change it, but on the other hand!! Love your new name though! 😊


  8. Hi Emma!

    My blog name is My Point of View (of Health Care (in the tagline)). I chose that name because I originally wanted to write a research paper but I couldn’t decide on a topic. So then I decided to do a blog so that I wouldn’t have to settle on one complete topic. I also chose that name because I wanted my blog to kind of be professional in terms of the health care aspect, which is why health care is included in the tagline and also because it is my main focus (if that makes sense).

    I think the My Point of View part also allows me to blog about other things if I wish too. Which I am thinking about doing thanks to looking at other blogs. But Health Care will be my main focus still.

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  9. Amazing tips Emma! I love your blog name, so simple and cute! Mine took too long to think of, and I might change it! rafstheticallypleasing… lol

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  10. I like my blog name and I took a lot of care choosing it. Like you, I did not want to be limited in scope or topic so I needed something broad. Since I am a humor writer, I needed to let people know that the blog is funny. My husband and I always said it was our shallowness that brought us together and keeps us together to this day, so it also has an inside joke for us. Good post!

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