Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates: Hotel Chocolat Subscription Box Review

I hope there a lot of chocaholics out there like me reading this post! When I have a sugar craving (which happens ALL the time!), chocolate is my weapon of choice to put cravings at bay. There are lots of different brands of chocolate available, most of which I have devoured before (Cadbury’s being my favourite). But one brand I haven’t tasted before is, you’ve guessed it, Hotel Chocolat.


I can’t remember what I ordered, but I received a Hotel Chocolat voucher in with my parcel. I usually just throw these vouchers away (mainly Graze vouchers!), but this one caught my eye. It was an offer to receive a chocolate subscription box for £6.95, along with a free gift. I know there are 5784584 different subscription boxes, but I haven’t seen a chocolate one before. Win!

Before I jumped into it, I went online to do a little bit of research. I found out that you can have a box of yummy chocolate sent to you monthly for £22.95. After discovering this, I realised £6.95 is a great deal, especially as you receive a free bag of chocolate gemstones if you’re a first time customer.


My account was easy to set up, and I placed my order without any problems. There are five different subscription boxes you can choose from to suit your taste: classic, mellow, high cocoa, fortified and rare and vintage. I went with the mellow selection as it contains no alcoholic chocolates and not many high cocoa ones. The subscription boxes are called ‘tasting boxes’, so I’m guessing you receive different flavours each month.


After placing my order, I only had to wait 5 days for my chocolates to arrive (I couldn’t wait!). You don’t have to worry about anyone being at home because the boxes fit through the letterbox. You receive a little welcome booklet with your order to learn more about Hotel Chocolat, which is a nice touch. You also receive a menu sheet (shown above) that has cute illustrations of the chocolates alongside their descriptions. There is space to write notes about the chocolates so you remember which ones you like best for future reference.



I won’t go into all the different flavours because it’s been a while since I consumed them all! I remember my favourite was the raspberry panna cotta one- it was divine! I also enjoyed the milk & cookies slab; it was so thick and creamy tasting with contrasting crunchy cookie pieces. The chai latte one was the only one I didn’t like; spiced chocolate doesn’t do it for me. I was pleased with the free gift; the little gemstones were nice to nibble on while watching a film.








I was very happy with my box of chocolates! It was fun trying all the unconventional flavours in the evenings with my boyfriend; it gave us something to look forward to. Having said this, I did cancel my subscription as I personally can’t afford the subsequent payments of £22.95. I do understand why the chocolates cost this much because of the quality- they’re not just any old box of chocolates after all! They are special chocolates to enjoy and savour, not to snack on mindlessly.

Have you tried chocolate from Hotel Chocolat before?


Hotel chocolat


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40 thoughts on “Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates: Hotel Chocolat Subscription Box Review

  1. Oh their chocolate is divine! Even better knowing that it is ethical and unlike the BIG names in chocolate – they don’t use forced or child labour.


  2. I’m a big fan of Cadbury chocolate too. I’m not a fan of alcoholic or dark chocolates but the box you went for sounds like it would suit me. It would be a lovely treat but maybe not for the full price every month.

    Rachael |


  3. I adore Hotel Chocolat & have done for years. They do make great gifts but only if the receiving people like chocolates as the boxes are expensive so you do need to be appreciative. I’m not a cadburys fan though. I do like my dark chocolate & harder nutty centres – an exception to that is Hotel Chocolat’s alcoholic cocktail range – fantastic! I haven’t taken up their subscription yet …tempting though. 😊


  4. Never heard of this, but it sounds divine! I’m guessing it is a European brand and will cost quite a bit more to ship to the states (if they even do…)

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  5. Not a big fan of chocolates but that box would have been enough to tempt me. Mostly brands price products higher if they have a usp like none. Here, quality could have been one. I also see some unique flavors. Good you got them at a good deal!


  6. Such a great idea! I like the tiny lemon buttons – I think they’re for children, but never mind! There is also a selection box full of fruity chocolates, and that’s really good too! I haven’t tried the subscription box though – I think this would make a lovely gift, especially if you can do a one-off one.

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  7. We ran an entrepreuneur careers night at my old school last year and invited some alumni to speak. It just happened that one set up Hotel Chocolat from his living room years ago – even better he brought along platters of chocolates to share after – I have never seen so many! I then did just what you have for hubby’s birthday and he loved his box…also had to cancel after the offer box (£23 quite pricey) but I did notice that you can have them delivered every couple of months rather than monthly…….gorgeous chocs & lovely gift if you can do it!

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