Christmas Wishlist 2017

I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, people keep asking me what I’d like for Christmas. When I’m asked this, my mind always goes blank! So I had a little brainstorming session so I’m prepared. I thought it would be nice to show you my ideas, and maybe give you some ideas as well?

What is on your Christmas wish list?

wish list.jpg


1: Monin Coffee Syrup Gift Set (Debenhams)

For my birthday recently I was kindly gifted a new espresso coffee machine. I like to add a shot of caramel flavoured syrup  into my coffee sometimes when I make a latte. I have only tried the caramel flavour, but this nifty gift set has six sample size bottles for to try.

2: HP Sprocket Photo Printer (Amazon)

I already know as a fact that I’m receiving this for Christmas from my boyfriend- yay! I have had my eye on the HP Sprocket for a while now, but I had been trying to forget about it as it is expensive for what it is. It is a little wireless portable printer that prints polaroid style pictures straight from your phone.

3: Pestle & Mortar (Wilko)

A pestle and mortar isn’t really something you think about until really need it! A pestle and mortar is used in the kitchen to grind up small amounts of ingredients, such as spices for a curry. Gone will be the days of using the end of a rolling pin!

4: Le Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum (Boots)

Not that I need another perfume, of course! Every time my Mum and I go into Boots, we always end up dousing ourselves with this perfume- we both love it so much! This fragrance is expensive because it’s an Eau De Parfum, instead of the cheaper alternative Eau De Toilette. I’m jealous of you if you have this beautiful fragrance!

5: Camel Faux Fur Aviator Jacket (New Look)

I fell in love with this jacket as soon as I saw it! I won’t get it for Christmas, but I want to try it on in store to see how it fits; I am likely to buy it myself if it becomes on sale. I wear my faux leather jacket all the time, so this would be a warmer and more stylish alternative. You need a nice jacket in the winter to jazz up boring outfits.

6: Coffee Sprinkler Set (Boots)

Like I said above, I received a coffee machine for my birthday so I’m collecting accessories for it! I came across this little set when I was looking for gifts for other people on the Boots website. It has three different flavours of sprinkles: cinnamon, vanilla and cocoa.

7: Gtech Air Ram MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Argos)

I know a vacuum cleaner isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but it is a necessity. I have a cheap vacuum cleaner at the moment which doesn’t do a very good job (you get what you pay for!). A few people I know have this Gtech one and couldn’t rate it higher, so I would love one as well. It is expensive, though!

8: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette (John Lewis)

I have been lusting over this palette for a very long time now! I know I won’t receive it, but I think it’s still worth a mention. I love it because I know I would use every colour and get my money’s worth from it. I haven’t had any Charlotte Tilbury makeup products before so this would be a good starter item.

9: PS4 Guitar Hero Live (Argos)

This is such a childish pick, but that sums me up! Years ago, I had a Guitar Hero game for the Nintendo Wii console- it was the most played game. I was very good at it if I say so myself, and I enjoyed listening to the rock music as that’s my favourite genre of music. It would be nice to play Guitar Hero again and see I’m still any good at it!


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48 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist 2017

  1. The pestle and motar got my attention. It is everywhere in Nigeria. It’s funny that everyone is tilting towards the blender or processor….Honestly this is the business…it’s a more traditional way of prepping your food and really does come in’ll love it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have some Charlotte Tilbury on my list and have been hankering after a cordless vacuum cleaner for a while – but can’t bring myself to ask for it for Xmas so I may look for one in sales!


  3. The HP Sprocket is also on my list! It’s such a good little gadget. And I love everything related to coffee so it would be a treat if I could get coffee syrups 😀 great list!

    Julia xx


  4. Love your picks! You know Im going to tell you that the Charlotte Tilbury palette is a must, its been my fave make up item this year! Im intrigued by the Sprocket printer, Id love to hear how you find it when you use it. That New Look coat is gorgeous too. Love them all x


  5. I was the same way. My boyfriend and one of his aunt asked me and I was like “Umm…, let me think and I’ll text you back” . Isn’t it strange that as children, we had a whole list of toys and now our minds go blank when we are asked. One thing that I have seen on YouTube is the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, sounds neat. Hope you have a good Christmas 🙂

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