Sales Shopping: Tips & Tricks

Following on from my January sales shopping list post, I would like to share with you my tips and tricks to help you get the best bargains. I have to admit, I do go a bit over the top with my sales shopping, but after Christmas is the one time of year when I like to treat myself. I like to buy the things I have been lusting over all year, and stock up on things I need for the new year.

I hope this posts will help you get lots of bargains!

Have you got any sales shopping tips and tricks?

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Only Buy What You NeedIt is easy to get carried away with the sales, but make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Take the time to compile a list of things you need to get, and the things you would like to treat yourself to. You might not necessarily need everything you want to get, but I mean don’t buy things just for the sake of it. Afterall, if you buy something in the sale that you don’t need, then you’re spending money, not saving money.

Only Buy What You Need (1)Some people might frown upon this, but I like to buy some presents in the sale for the following Christmas, and for birthdays. I particularly like to stock up on things like gift sets, especially when they are half price- because, why not? Doing this helps you save a lot of money for the following year, and it gives you a headstart. If you decide to do this, just make sure you have somewhere to store everything.

Only Buy What You Need (2)Everyone goes crazy when a sale is first announced and snap up their bargains straight away. Sometimes, after a few weeks, retailers drop their prices even further to make old stock sell faster; I find this mainly happens with clothing. The only downside of this is that you risk the item going out of stock, but that’s okay if it’s not something you desperately need.

Only Buy What You Need (3)If paying by card, you can easily lose track of how much you have been spending. I recommend you draw some cash out beforehand and leave your card at home, that way you know what you’re allowing yourself to spend. If you plan to do all your shopping online, be sure to set yourself a budget so you don’t overspend. Remember to keep receipts as well in case you want to return something.

Only Buy What You Need (4)I know this is pretty obvious, but I do still see people not doing this. If you see something in the sale on one website, it might be at an even more reduced price on another, so always look around for the best price. Some retailers also offer a price match guarantee, so that’s something to bear in mind if you want to do all of your shopping with one retailer.



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33 thoughts on “Sales Shopping: Tips & Tricks

  1. I got some bargains last year – I advise looking at the Christmas stock sections in supermarkets and department stores. There is all sorts of stuff that can be used year round (think homewares, but anything can be found here) with massive savings just because it’s classed as seasonal stock and they want rid of it quickly. Also, if you do have any spare coin, it’s good to get bargain Xmas decorations and jumpers to pack away until next time.

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  2. Very useful and timely tips for shoppers…..this is the perfect time of the year, where everywhere there is a sale happening, currently in big swing here in India too :)….shops are offering 50-75% discounts, and people generally get carried away in such a situation…..and buy lots of damaged and unnecessary goods…..nice suggestions in your post..

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  3. Great tips. Nothing wrong with buying Christmas gifts and birthday presents the year before and holding onto them for a while. I do it all the time and it’s saved me so much money! Very true about waiting out a sale (and clearance). At Target, seasonal clearance starts at 30% off, but if you wait just a few extra days, it’ll go all the way to 90% off! Stocked up on wrapping paper, etc. last year and paid almost nothing for it.

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  4. Well put. Yes to paying in cash as it is always written how much people are in credit card debt after the holidays. If I see something on sale before this Christmas or after Christmas sales that is a great gift I buy also and put away. I have no problem with that! Happy Holidays.

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  5. I really, really want to buy for next year but because it gives me 0 joy, I don’t. I don’t want to have to wait to use the super cute wrapping paper that was too expensive before Christmas. Does that make sense? I also probably would forget where I put it.

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  6. Some excellent points here! I am definitely a sucker for buying at will, I need to reign that in haha! Also, I love the stocking up for Christmas part, I’d never thought of doing this, but it’s such a great idea. May have to take a leaf out of your book here 🙂 Great post 🙂

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