2018 New Years Day Blog Party

Happy 2018 everyone! I hope this will be a good year for all of you. Personally, I am very happy and excited to start the new year!

To celebrate, I thought it would be perfect for me to host a blog party. I have done a few of them in the past- they are always very popular! A blog party is a way to discover new blogs to follow and to interact with others.

3 Little House Rules

– Leave a link to your blog in the comments below, and briefly let us know what you blog about

– Also in the comments, let us know at least one of your new year’s resolutions

– If you leave a link to your blog, please follow a minimum of 3 blogs you are interested in to make the party a success- thanks!

I hope you find lots of new blogs to follow- helping others helps you. I look forward to reading about your new year’s resolutions. Enjoy the party!



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209 thoughts on “2018 New Years Day Blog Party

  1. This is a great idea, thanks for letting me contribute. I post about music, travel, food – especially burgers – and cult films of all kinds, including classic exploitation movies.

    My New Years resolution is to share more about the amazing world we live in – in a positive way. Because of the holiday season, I recently posted 3 reasons that “Die Hard” is the best Christmas movie – here you go, look forward to seeing new people to follow as well!

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      1. Thanks for the follow, did the same in return – i post across a lot of genres, so if i share something that’s not interesting, you can always look up some of my older stuff to see movie stories as well!

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  2. Ooh yeah, awesome. Really looking forward to finding some new pals 🙂 Thanks Emma, and Happy New Year to you.

    I blog about life, usually with humour and irreverence, but I dont shy away from the emotional stuff too.

    Most recent posts include my hatred of fish fingers, a review of a pink leotard, an overview of what I have learned in my first 36 years alive, and my fun resolutions for 2018.

    I’ve also written about tips for starting your family history, and a bloggers guide to getting started using Flipboard. So yeah, I’m a mixed bag ☺ If that sounds cool to you, then absolutely please come and follow. Thanks again Emma xx

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  3. Hi there!! First of all thanks to Emma for hosting this awesome blog party!! I’m Amelia Grace and I blog over at Amelia in Hull where I share my love of my home Hull ❤ Looking forward to meeting some great new bloggers 😀

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  4. Hi Emma, great to be at your party…..I have been already around for some time now, with my personal blog Mydailyjournalonline, where I generally muse about my life and everything that affects all of us in our daily lives, and I also review music, which generally I love to listen to……here’s my blog

    As for New Year’s resolutions, I generally don’t take any, but still I set some goals for me this 2018 to find a better job and climb up the ladder, find more music throughout the year, catch up with all the latest upcoming movies, read a lot, and lead my life with kindness, compassion and happiness….:)

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  5. Hello everyone, firstly, Happy New Year! I blog about navigating life with a vagina and all that implies you can find me over at for posts on topics on single-momming, relationships, and basically most of life’s themes.

    I don’t do resolutions, but I am going to continue building my dream business and try to achieve some small goals like getting out of bed on time🙈

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  6. Happy New Year all! How exciting! I am Kerry and I am a lifestyle and beauty blogger, although as a lover of life, you could find any manner of things over on my blog. Id love you to come over for a chat, (we chat A LOT on my blog, we are all friends there)

    I dot tend to set new years resolutions, although I always set goals. One of mine this year is to do something new and different, or visit somewhere I haven’t been before, every month. I hope its achievable!

    My blog link is

    Im off to mingle now, and chat to the other guests……..

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  7. Brilliant Idea Emma!!

    My name is Amanda and I blog over at Adventures With Amanda (link below). I blog about my busy life – I am a teacher, wife and I love to travel. Basically a bit of everything! I have really enjoyed my blogging journey so far and would love to meet more Blogging Buddies!

    My New Years Resolution this year is to fully explore Scotland; it’s my home country and I need to visit it all. Also, I need to not let my anxious thoughts get in the way of me having fun!! 💙

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  8. Hello and New Year to all! I’m Lorna and I blog my expatish life on wheels with my geeky husband, and our sarcastic three year-old. We live in the country with lots of books. My blogging goals are to write more consistently about things that matter, have fun, and share laughs!


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  9. How cool!!! I’m so glad you did this, I love parties haha!

    Hello! I’m Lina 20yo Romanian girl. In my blog I talk about mental health and body health. traveling, cooking and make-up. My resolution for this year is to do more things and to discover more about me. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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  10. Happy new year Emma and all her lovely followers!

    I’m Gemma and I blog over at
    I talk about my life with wheels, the adventures I get upto, events, restaurant and gig reviews, with a focus on wheelchair access. I also drink and blog about tea. I’m an addict.

    I don’t set myself resolutions, I prefer the term ‘aims’. One of mine this year is to read a lot more, blogs and books. To make time for reading!

    I look forward to discovering some new blogging pals.

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  11. My blog is about my personal stories/memories for the most part. Relationships, depression… all sorts. My new years resolution is to phase sugar out of my diet. My blog is: hope some of you enjoy it!

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  12. Hello I am Arv! And I write on two blogs. My primary blog is

    I write about all kinds of topics which relates to the beautiful city I live in. Jaipur. Popular world over as the pink city. Probably India’s most loved tourist destination. I write on heritage, food, nature, history and essentially on lifestyle topics.

    Come have a look if you want to explore very colourful city from India. Will appreciate your comments, and feedbacks​.

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  13. What fun and thanks for the invite. I’m a young, and geeky mom with two little boys. I write, with some help and encouragement from my awesome husband Matt, about healthy play and family life. One of the things I started writing as an attempt to process and hep others struggling with how to raise a healthy family, and have lots of fun doing it, in the modern, high tech world.
    I’ve been enjoying meeting new bloggers and exploring their work. I’ll be back later today to explore, we’re traveling tomorrow and I need to pack.
    My Biggest New Year Goal for this year is to develop better sleep habits. I’ve been neglecting that lately, and Improving my habits would improve my life a lot.

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  14. Hi. My name is Arv! I blog on as my primary blog.

    I write about all kinds of topics which relates to the beautiful city I live in. Jaipur. Popular world over as the pink city. Probably India’s most loved tourist destination. I write on heritage, food, nature, history and essentially on lifestyle topics.

    Come have a look if you want to explore very colourful city from India. Will appreciate your comments, and feedbacks​.

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  15. Hello everybody, my name is Sharon and I am a 19 year old Dutch girl who blogs about lifestyle, travel, theme parks, books, make-up and basically a bit of everything!

    My new year resolution is to start living slightly more healthy, this is the first time in a long time that I have new’s year resolutions because I usually don’t do them.

    Thank you for this blog party! X

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  16. Dear Emma – Thank you for the first party of the year – Happy New Year to you!

    I am a tried and tested Food blogger over at and also love to showcase other bloggers as Guests, so feel free to participate in this venture.

    New Year’s resolution: To be more interactive, if that’s possible and connect with more fellow bloggers.

    I will check out the other bloggers in a moment.

    Thanks for this opportunity Emma, and hope you have lots of fun

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  17. Hi Emma, this is a great idea! I love learning about and following awesome blogs!

    My blog is and I have been blogging for almost 10 years! My blog is mainly beauty reviews, but I review lots of different products!

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to become more organized — I have been cleaning and sorting out my home office today!

    Happy New Year all — I hope 2018 is amazing for everyone!

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  18. Happy New Year! Thank you for hosting this blog party–it’s a first for me.
    My blog, Roots ( is focused on clean eating and I post lots of recipes and articles on food allergies.
    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to really grow my blog–I hope to have over 1,000 followers by the end of the year.
    Thank you and happy blogging!

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  19. Hi Emma. Happy New Year! Hope it’s a good’un. Is this the year that my resolve to move more and eat more healthy actually holds past January 3rd? Hmmm We’ll see.
    I blog over at Losing the Plot
    It started as a record of my allotment, but then the weather got awful and I started writing about family life too (fair weather gardener!)


  20. Hi Emma.. Firstly I would like to wish you all a very Happy New year. And hosting a blog party is really cool idea as a growing blogger to meet new people and socialize more..
    Basically I write blogs about Fashion and lifestyle related stuff.. click below to know more about me
    My new year resolution is to write more post and grow my Blog Family ..☺️☺️

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  21. Thank you so much for this!
    I post about general life etc. I also post blog parties month of anyone is interested! honestly there’s no genre for my blog so click the link and check it out 🙂
    One of my New Years resolutions is to be easier on myself. I had a tendency in 2017, especially with college, to think too much into the work I created and if I should be in that line of work even though I enjoyed it so much!
    I hope you enjoy my blog and thanks again for this blog party!

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  22. Great idea!!! Thanks Emma! Hello everyone! I am new to the blogging world but I am really finding a joy for it. My blog consist of my crazy hectic unperfected mom life. My life is real and thats what I like to share along with some fun DIY as well.. I created this blog in hopes to bring a little sunshine to everyone that read it… Or a laugh, and at least a smile. 🙂 My new years resolution is to snuggle more with my 10 year son because he say’s I don’t snuggle enough with him and also, read more to my 4 year old son. I don’t read nearly enough to him as I should be. I would love for anyone to come check out my blog and follow me if you need a smile every now and then. 🙂

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