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My 2018 Travel Bucket List

As 2017 was quite a boring year for me, I want to make sure 2018 is more exciting. I know everyone says this, but time did go so quickly! I had some ideas about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go in 2017, but not many of my plans materialised. I don’t want the same thing to happen again, so I am going to write out a 2018 travel bucket list.

I always go abroad with my boyfriend once a year; that’s always the highlight of the year for me. However, this year we might just have a staycation in the UK and have days out instead. Afterall, there is so much to see and do in your own back garden. We can’t afford to go abroad AND have days out in the UK, so we’ll have to decide which one we’re doing to do.

What’s on your 2018 travel bucket list?


Close To Home (1)If I do go abroad, I can still have some nice days out locally that don’t involve travelling and hotel costs. I live in Norfolk, so anything in Norfolk and Suffolk is considered local to me. Here are just some of the places I would like to visit:

Rediscover The Suffolk Coastline

I used to always visit the small coastal towns and villages of Suffolk with my family, but I haven’t been for a long time now. Picture-perfect coastal destinations include: Southwold, Aldeburgh, Thorpeness, Dunwich, Sizewell and Walberswick.

Rediscover Suffolk’s Heaths & Nature Reserves

Again, visiting the heaths and nature reserves is something I used to do a lot with my family. There are some wonderful places to visit such as the Minsmere and Orford Ness nature reserves.

Discover The Norfolk Coastline

Norfolk has a great coastline as well, but I’ve only ever been to Great Yarmouth before. I would love to visit new places such as Cromer, Happisburgh and Sheringham.

Visit National Trust & English Heritage Sites

I love visiting historic castles and grand houses, so I would love to visit any National Trust and English Heritage sites. There are so many different places to choose from to make a memorable day out.

Visit Thetford Forest & The Norfolk Broads

I live so close to Thetford Forest and The Norfolk Broads, but I have never been before! These two places are definitely on my list of things to do in the summer.


Further Afield (5)Like I said at the start, I’m either going abroad, or having days out away from home. Here are just some of the places I would like to visit:

Attend The BBC Good Food Show At The Birmingham NEC

As I am a chef, this show is very interesting to me. There is live entertainment from celebrity chefs, and you get to go shopping and taste before you buy. I have been a couple of times before, but not for a long time.

Visit The Harry Potter Studio Tour

I have been a big fan of Harry Potter right from the start, so I would love to visit the Warner Bros. studio tour! It is quite far away from me, but it would definitely be worth the journey.

Visit National Trust & English Heritage Sites

I know I mentioned this above, but I would also love to visit places further afield as well. It would probably be worth becoming a member for a year, so we pay one fixed price and save money if we visit lots of different places.

Revisit Cambridge

I have been to Cambridge a couple of times before in the winter to go shopping, but I would like to visit in the summer so I can explore more.



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100 thoughts on “My 2018 Travel Bucket List

  1. Some of my very favourite holidays have been at home In the UK. There is so much to see and do without the hassle of travelling too far away. National Trust properties are always fantastic to visit x

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  2. It’s nice to learn that you’re a harry potter fan! 🙂 Please do post photos when you happen to visit the studio. 😀 Looking forward to your travel blogs and pic since I am miles away from your location, it would be nice to have a feel of those unfamiliar places from your blog. 🙂 Goodluck Emma! xoxo

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  3. Such a great list Emma! I am a huge fun of Harry Potter to and visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour is on my list for this year too!


  4. I agree – staycations are good and there’s often so much around that we don’t even notice because we’re busy with work or whatever! There seems to be an expectation that people go away every time they have some time off, but apart from the money you save, sometimes I think staycations can be more relaxing. I don’t know much about your part of the world, but we went to Great Yarmouth a couple of times when I was a child. Harry Potter is on my list too!


  5. Great list!!! Good thing you’re trying to do things close to home… we tend to look further away, but there are often nice things close at our homes without us noticing them.
    I will drop my children at the HP studios on July 14th 🙂 I won’t be joining them. We all went to the studios about 7 years ago now and my three children really want to go again, but my husband and I have seen it once which is enough for us. Very impressive though! But we will drop the kids off and visit something else whilst they’re enjoying themselves in the wizardy world of HP 🙂 The next day my kids will be going to the HP plays in London, but again, my husband and I won’t be joining them. We will probably visit Kensington Palace and go somewhere nice for diner 🙂
    so a trip to London is on my list this year. I hope to spend a couple of days more in the UK whllst we’re there…
    But my first trip abroad is a couple of days to Madrid!! I am so looking forward to that trip 😀


  6. I want to see all of these places. Haven’t made it overseas yet! One day. I’m especially interested in that Harry Potter tour! My bf and I are in the process of rewatching the movies now!

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  7. Great post! I keep thinking I want to explore my local area more too, but I don’t drive which makes this a bit more difficult! But the Harry Potter studio tour is also on my bucket list for this year and should make a nice little weekend away in London 😀 xo

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  8. A great list of local things to do – “staycations” are taken for granted sometimes, but can result in the most fun – especially when you discover things close to home that so many people travel long distances for. My wife and I decided to drive from LA to San Francisco – 400 miles – but the coast offers many great surprises like this one – a Calla Lilly valley that leads right to the pacific ocean! –

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  9. This is a great travel list! I have been to the Harry Potter studio tour once before and it was incredible, I really want to go again x


  10. It’s so true about having so much to see if the UK. I feel quite lucky to be living in London so even trips back home to Yorkshire are like mini breaks. I’d love to get across to the Suffolk coast myself. This year I’m hoping to explore more areas in the south. I want to get out to Oxford and Cambridge as I’ve never been to either. Great post with lots of inspo!

    Chloe x


  11. Yes- it reminds me! I have lived all over the country – but haven’t always explored the local spots. Shame on me! But I actually am going to do some posts on some of the spots I’ve been to here in Australia (quite a few over the years). Last year driving 28 hours over the Nullabor. We had lots of stops along the way Wherever you are when travelling – it’s worth the time exploring – for sure 🙂 WE can miss things


  12. In 2017 I did what you’re planning to do – I stayed close to home and visited various Canadian cities and I loved it! 😀 Often we neglect our own countries for more “exotic” places when there’s so much right in our backyards! In 2018 we’ve just planned a trip to Germany / Poland – can’t wait. Enjoy your travels!

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  13. I love the idea of exploring your local area. So few people bother to do that. I think you’ll have a fun year!

    p.s. If you visit Cambridge in the summer, buy some prosecco and strawberries and go punting! It is SUCH a fun thing to do in the summer sun!

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  14. Great list. Norfolk is lovely and Cromer is one of my favourite places (afternoon tea at ‘The Grove’ is amazing, by the way!). And the Harry Potter tour – you will love. I went a couple of years ago and would go back again in a heartbeat – so worth it! Looking forward to reading about your travels 🙂


  15. One additional thought on travel: I love to travel near and far, and one of the best things about planning an exotic trip is the fun in planning for it – when my wife and I went to Barcelona, we had a list of things to do and see, and when I took her to Tokyo, she came up with a whole bunch of new places, even thought I’d been there 4 times previously…something about traveling a long way makes me focus on it more…here’s to a bunch of great adventures near and far in 2018 and beyond…

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  16. Oh I love these on your wishlist Emma, and there are a few I would love to get to as well. We have not explored much of Norfolk or Suffolk, despite my parents having a caravan in Norfolk. I will visit some of these this summer hopefully!

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  17. Some great places to visit! I am definitely trying to visit more places local to me in Devon! And I definitely recommend the Harry Potter Studio Tour – I am hoping to go again this year! xx

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