10 Things I Don’t Buy Or Do Anymore To Save Money

I have always been pretty good at saving money because I was taught by two good money savers, my mum and my dad. I’ve always known that you have to work hard for what you want in life and that nothing is guaranteed. 15-year-old Emma knew that she would like to buy a house in the future with her own money, so she got her first part-time waitressing job working evenings and weekends around school work. With this goal in mind, I managed to buy my first house 10 years later.

Of course, I still try to save money for the future, but it’s very challenging when you have a constant flow of bills coming out of your bank account. I’ve had to find a balance between paying bills, saving money and treating myself sometimes as well. In a way, I’ve had to become quite minimalistic, but I feel like this becomes easier with age as you learn to be content with what you have.

Here is my list of 10 things I don’t buy or do any more to save money. I hope this post is beneficial to you in some way!

How do you save money?


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money1I am an avid watcher of beauty videos on YouTube; as much as I would like to buy every product that is recommended to me, I financially can’t do this! Instead of having 10 of this and 10 of that, I use one product up at the time before I buy another. For example, I have one mascara, one eyeliner, one blush palette etc.- if I had more than this, I would never use everything up. I feel like I am saving a tonne of money from doing this, and no products get wasted from expiring.


money1 (1)Everyone knows that going to the cinema is expensive, yet it’s still a very popular pastime. I’m not saying it’s bad to go to the cinema because it’s nice to go with family and friends. At one point, I used to go to the cinema once or twice a month just for the sake of going, even if I didn’t particularly want to see the film. I only go now if there’s a film I REALLY want to see. If I do plan a trip to the cinema, I go on a Tuesday Or Wednesday to make the most of the Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 tickets…and I sneak in my own snacks!


money1 (2)I used to be such a clothes hoarder! It is good to shop for clothes in charity shops, but I just bought too much stuff I didn’t need. I also used to buy a lot of fast fashion and cheap clothing from the high street that didn’t last very long. To keep my wardrobe under control now, I only buy what I need, if it’s good quality and if it’s at a reduced price. Clothes should last for years, so why buy so many? Happy wardrobe, happy purse!


money1 (3)Have you been to a car boot sale or a charity shop before? If not, you’re missing out! They are the two best places to pick up used (or even new) books, DVDs and CDs at such cheap prices. Of course, you’re not going to find new releases, but you never know what you’re going to discover. Once I have finished with an item, I take it back to the charity shop so it can be sold again. If there is a new release film/book/DVD that I want to own, I make sure I shop around to get the best price.


money1 (4)I used to go to the hairdressers every four months and pay £80 to have my hair highlighted. I haven’t had my hair coloured for two years now because I wanted to save that money. My hair is also a lot happier and healthier for it as well, so it’s a win-win situation. In the 2 years of not dying my hair, I have saved £320! I did a post about my hair journey, here, if you missed it. I do miss my bright blond hair sometimes, but I know it’s for the best.


money1 (8)I’m quite a simple person when it comes to the number of toiletries and skincare products I use, but why I have got so many that I don’t use? Well, I used to have a lot of unwanted products, but I recently sold them at a car boot sale. I like to try new products sometimes, but I tend to stick to what I know and love. I want to use one product up at a time now, as I do with makeup. It’s nice going out to buy a product when you need it, instead of having a cupboard full.


money1 (9)We all know how expensive perfume and jewellery is! I’m talking about the good stuff here, not cheap perfume and costume jewellery. I try not to have too many perfumes on the go at once because I worry that the fragrance will go off. I recently sold a lot of my jewellery that doesn’t have sentimental value because I don’t wear it anymore. Having said this, I do like to receive perfume and jewellery as gifts for special occasions.


money1 (7)Some magazines are cheap, but others can be very costly! I have stopped buying magazines now because £1 here, £2 here and £4 here really starts to add up. The only time I buy magazines is if I’m going on holiday abroad to give me something fun to read. If there is something you would like to read and find out about, you can look it up on the internet instead. You’re basically throwing money away; most magazines end up in the recycling bin after all.


money1 (5)I have been guilty of this before! I recently realised that if you buy something in the sale that you don’t need, then you’re spending money, not saving money. If you’re like me, then you probably have 5843573 e-mails a day shouting at you to say there’s a sale on. Don’t click on them! Because you will probably end up buying something you don’t need. Before I make a purchase, I ask myself, do I really need this?


money1 (6)I have always been good at keeping grocery shopping costs to a minimum. I hate to see food wasted, so I only buy what I need. I have a nifty little meal planner notebook from the brand Busy B; it allows me to plan my meals and shopping lists in one convenient place so I don’t buy too much. To save money, I also just buy what’s on promotion and look for bargains in the reduced section.



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94 thoughts on “10 Things I Don’t Buy Or Do Anymore To Save Money

  1. An interesting list! To this I will add something I told my friend about: NEVER get a storage unit! We did for years, until I realized I was paying more than $1,500 per year after the price kept creeping up…so if I kept it for ten more years, that’s more than $15,000 out of pocket – and when we put all of the stuff into our garage instead, I realized how much of it wasn’t even needed, so a good spring cleaning as well.

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  2. I’m the same with food – I don’t like to see it go to waste. I also stopped getting my hair highlighted, and find that a mobile hairdresser who comes to my home is just as good as the salon and much cheaper.I get that some people like the whole pamper experience, but I don’t need that if I’m just going for a trim and I can use the money I saved on something else!

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  3. These are all great habits to have for saving money! I’ve stopped going to the cinemas recently, and it does save a lot of money. As for makeup, I’ve recently been having way too much fun buying products, and now I’m having to get strict with myself. Like with you, I want to try finish what I have before buying something new 🙂

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  4. I’m so guilty of buying something just because it’s on sale! 😛 It’s a mind trick, I tell you. One of our biggest expenses is going out to eat – I personally would do much better if I didn’t buy my breakfast and lunch daily! 😳

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  5. I used to be obsessed with reading (and buying!) magazines when I was in my teens. It got to the point where I wouldn’t mind spending £10 a month just on magazines alone. But at that time, that’s the only thing I really bought with my pocket money so it wasn’t a big deal. Not clothes or fancy makeup, just magazines lol. The magazine section doesn’t interest me anymore. The magazines got thinner and the ad content got more so actual content has lessened. Needless to say, it got more expensive for less.

    You are so good with the one makeup item at a time thing! I don’t have heaps of makeup but definitely more than I can use up. I am starting to restrain myself more though.

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  6. These are all great ways to cut back on spending! For me, I don’t also buy more than one of each type of makeup item usually, and I rarely go to the cinema as well. Xxx

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  7. A girl after my own heart!! I hope that my 15 year old is following in both our footsteps….she took over her brother’s paper round when he went to uni, and as neither of us work now (hubby is my carer since my illnesses worsened) she buys all her own clothes, makeup etc and outings..without moaning. She is learning to budget. Like you, we were taught well and when life didn’t go as we had expected, our mortgage was small and we had no debts… is different, but just as good (particularly since discovering the Silver screen at the cinema on Tues & Thurs……£3 a ticket and included coffee and biscuits, and you don’t have to be an OAP, ha, ha ,ha) great post Emma!!

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  8. I’m glad you agree with my opinion about sales, Emma! I’ve wasted more money on sales than I care to think about. From now on I buy something when I need it whether it is on sale or not. And I stay out of the bargain bin! I still dye my hair, but I’m with you on all the other items.

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  9. Thank you for sharing this Emma. 🙂 I can totally relate to the “buying things because it’s on sale”. I am very guilty of this up until now. It’s also very inspiring that you have already bought your own house. 🙂

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  10. I do all of these things too (well apart from getting my hair done but my sister is a hairdresser) and the amount you save is incredible! I also save by not drinking alcohol and walking most of the time. Good little guide to get people starting on their saving journey Emma. Xx

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  11. Yes – great tips.. I actually used henna for awhile – not a high cost and great on your hair – it would shine for over a month. Very cost effective and I only needed to use 1/2 pk. Now I don’t – I do use clear at 4 goes in a pack… so getting frugal. I don’t use shampoo or deoderant since having a reaction. It’s been 15 years now… I can imagine how much I’ve saved just on those few items. 🙂

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  12. These are all really good things to think about whenever you want to spend money. I’m guilty of a lot of these and I really should change my way of thinking. Thanks for sharing these! 🙂 x

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  13. I don’t do the cinema anymore, and have limited drinking out (I don’t mean I sit at home and drink of course, I mean I will watch a Netflix movie and buy wine and have friends visit). In fact it’s now something I enjoy doing – hosting on a budget.
    I have always bought a lot of second hand and vintage and now I shift mainly to second hand. Charity shops in wealthy areas often have designer goods with tags in!
    Also while my family is young I save money on travel – with the added advantage of avoiding toddler rage on long haul flights. We’ve been round the UK and our holidays often come in well under a thousand pounds including food etc!

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  14. What a brilliant list! I am relived to say that I do quite a few of these – we are saving up to renovate a stable attached to our house, to turn into our sitting-room, so I’m always looking for ways to save at the moment. Dvds are definitely the way forward as our closest cinema is ridiculously expensive. I found that Netflix was actually a good compromise, as you get all the choice of the cinema without having to buy physical copies of everything.

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  15. You’re doing a great job on budgetting Emma!! I dye my hair myself which saves me a lot of money at the hairdresser’s… I do ‘use it all up’ weeks/months… sometimes I’ve got 4-5 bodylotions in my cabinet, but then there are months when I decide to use them all up before I can buy something new…

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  16. Oh My! I truly wish I Had been as sensible as you! I spent money I didn’t even have when I was young. 2 Credit cards on the go and nothing to show for it. I’m on a no buy for January & low buy for the rest of the year, I had totally lost the run of myself last year !

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  17. Great post. I’m a money hoarder and I love finding out new ways to save money. And so true about getting your hair done. so much money for just a some color. If I want to dye my hair it will be with the cheap stuff from the store. Anyway, I need to get better at not buying extra makeup just because. Great tips.

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  18. Excellent post. We have a really tight budget too, and it’s going to get tighter as the boys get older. Tesco’s website is very good for creating a meal plan for the week and costing it out to keep things in budget. There is also another fabulous website, I use this through work and their recipes are fantastic in making the most of what you have. They also have great tips on keeping food fresh for longer, measuring portions so that you don’t cook too much and tips like getting the best use out of your fridge etc. Overall it makes your pennies stretch further.

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  19. I could not agree more about the sale point! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there are amazing sales out there and it really is a good deal (especially if you need the item) – but more often then not it’s just trying to trick you into spending more. I’m onto your game retail store!


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  20. Emma, these are great tips! I agree especially with the one about make up and clothes! Sometimes I feel like such a loser because the things I have I sometimes feel aren’t as nice as they could be, but then I think of the money I am saving and I feel better! Also agree about taking your own snacks into the cinema – such a money saver! x

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  21. This is super helpful and kinda eye-opening and how much we can spend assuming it’s only a small cost when it really does add up! I’ve started not buying any toiletries and makeup unless I’ve officially ran out of them x

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  22. These are great saving tips ! Unfortunately I am very guilty of buying too much clothes. But i try to sell them when i don’t wear the item anymore, that way I get some of my non-well spent money back 😅

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  23. Amazing post! I think people overspend with grocery shopping than they realize. I know my personal challenge was cutting down on clothes spending. There were so many times I would just walk around a clothing shop on my work lunch break, especially during the winter.

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  24. I have sussed out most of these over the years, too! Much cheaper than going to the cinema (haven’t done that for 10 years) is Netflix and Amazon video. I mostly just read on my Kindle – most books I want to read are on Kindle Unlimited – you pay £10 a month, and can read all you like for that. It’s like paying £10 to join a library with thousands of brand new books! I am totally with you on all the beauty product stuff and clothes. The only thing I do still pay out for is the hairdresser. She’s worth her weight in gold and more. When you get past a certain age you can’t have home-dyed hair, and you need your greys covering. And your eyebrows tinting!

    I like this article, it’s good sense stuff!

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  25. Great point! No need to buy any more than you need. It’s hard to keep a handle on sales stuff though. I’ve definitely been guilty of that. “But, it was only $4!” I’ll say to myself. But it clutters the closet and ends up in the trash bin or at the Goodwill (charity) shop sooner rather than later. Is that helping me or the environment? In most cases, no. So, better to leave that $4 shirt on the shelf!

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