Feel Good February: Practising Posivivity

This is going to sound like such a typical January post with ‘new year, new me’ kinda vibes, but why not have a boost in February as well?! Lets face it, February is a bit of a rubbish month, to be honest: Christmas is long-forgotten, it’s still dark and cold outside and summer’s still months away, but at least we’ve all finally received our January paycheques!

Like many people, I’ve set myself lots of goals for 2018- I have been working towards achieving many of them already. How are you getting on with your 2018 goals so far? I was surprised to see my ‘18 Goals For 2018‘ post become one of my most viewed posts!

Feel Good February 1.jpg

Positive I get myself stuck in a rut sometimes and it’s hard to get out again, so I want to make February a positive month. I’m slowly but surely learning that I am in control of my emotions, not anyone or anything else. I feel like my brain has a default setting to be negative, so I personally find it hard to turn things around sometimes. I always say that such a small positive or negative thing can make or break my day- I just want to focus on the positives now.

Here are a few things I want to focus on this month (and beyond) to make it more positive:

– Smile like I mean it to everyone

– Turn negatives into positives

– Do things that scare me so I continue to grow as a person

– Say yes instead of no more often

– Let my loved ones know that I appreciate them

– Take better care of myself and have more ‘me’ time

– Don’t dwell on negative things that happened in the past

I could go on, but I think you get the idea- wish me luck!

How do you practice positivity? Are you going to join me for Feel Good February?

FebruaryI was playing around with some pictures on Canva; I thought they would sit nicely on this post. All pictures are my own- enjoy!

Bloom where you are planted.jpg

Choose to be happy

Don't give up hope (1).jpg

Embrace Change.jpg

Keep Holding On.jpg

Go To Sleep Grateful.jpg

Feel good february.jpg


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70 thoughts on “Feel Good February: Practising Posivivity

  1. I love the idea of feel good february! My way of practising is treating others (and myself) the way I would like to be treated and so far it has worked quite well – even though sometimes people try to use it against me. Hopefully you’ll achieve all your goals for this month and the months to come! S. xx

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  2. I don’t know why but something has changed in me in the last year or so. Even when I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom, I can always see the positive side of everything, sometimes I could never do before. This makes me happy, as I used to be the ultimate pessimist. Great post. ❤️

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  3. Yes and yes, a million times! I am all about keeping positive and trying to have a positive outlook. I actually am one of those weird people that love the months at the start of the year. I feel all motivated and hopeful. I think you have set some great things to keep you positive, good luck xxxx

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  4. This was a post that I can definitely relate to at the moment. 2017 was vile and I swore that 2018 would be better come what may. So far it hasn’t been great but I am refusing to drown in negativity and have a huge list of things to achieve posted next to my front door! Keeping busy is how I manage to stay positive 🙂

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  5. I like this so much. It’s true being negative seems so much easier and seems to be our default. I have no idea why, but I too have trying to be more positive. I’m kinda tired of constant negativity in my life. Each one of your goals sound great.

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  6. I love this post. I think self-care, positivity and spreading kindness is super important, I try to be as kind and positive as possible. Sharing compliments, helping those less fortunate and looking on the bright side are things I do xo

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  7. This is great, and very much needed! I joke around with my husband that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder because every January and February I mope around like it’s doomsday. Good luck to you sister, I’ll be over here across the pond, plugging along with ya!

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  8. I am working on the smile like you mean it. I was recently told that I need to smile more by a complete stranger on the street. It took me by surprise because we were at a Karneval Parade. I felt like I was smiling, I was happy and having fun. But apparently, I do not have a very smiley face. So, I am going to attempt to smile in a genuine way(and not just in my head). Wish me luck!

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  9. Good luck with your list of positives, Emma! I think positivity is something I need to make more effort with. It’s all too easy for me to fall into being negative and think back to the past. I’m trying to say “yes” to more things and do the stuff that scares me – it’s rarely as bad as I think it’ll be!

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  10. I’m loving all the positivity around at the moment, and this is a great post with some lovely ideas. I find February quite a difficult month, I always get ill and the weather can be quite grey. But it’s so sunny today and reading this has motivated me! Things are good 😊

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  11. I am completely onboard with your focus on positivity. Humans are naturally negatively-focused, though (saw a great TED talk on this), so we actually have to make an effort to think positively. In other words, DO some of the things you mentioned 🙂

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