5 Easy Ways I Make Extra Money

Who doesn’t want to make a little bit of extra money outside of their job? I know I do! With the increasing number of bills we have to pay, wages seem to go nowhere. I like to have a little bit of extra money so I can treat myself to something, or just save up. I do all of the methods listed below…so can you!

(Featured Image by Fabian Blank on Unsplash)


Shop Loyalty Cards

I am pretty sure most high-street shops and supermarkets have their own loyalty cards- you probably have a purse full of them like me! Just make sure you remember to use your card every time you shop so you don’t miss out.

My most used card is my Nectar card: Nectar cards can be used in Sainsbury’s and you can connect it to your eBay account and earn points when you shop. Sainsbury’s is my local supermarket so it gets used a lot. Last year I accumulated £80 worth of points, so I traded it in for high-street gift cards and went shopping in the Boxing Day sales! Yay, for free money!

My Superdrug card gets a lot of use as well, I recently put my points towards a new pair of hair straighteners. Just let your points build up, don’t take a few quid off here and there.


Paid Online Surveys

This is a time-consuming method but it works! Fancy getting paid to voice your opinion? If you complete surveys online you can get paid! There are lots of survey websites but Valued Opinions is my favourite.

Once you have signed up you will have emails sent to you when a new survey is available. You won’t qualify for every survey but it’s worth a try. You can complete short surveys and earn 50p, or complete a longer survey and earn a few quid. There are lots of different survey topics such as food, media, home, hobbies etc.

I have £6.50 on my account at the moment from one week of doing surveys (I do 1/2 a day). Once you have accumulated a minimum of £10 you can exchange it for gift cards! Gift cards include TK Maxx,  John Lewis, Boots, Miss Selfridge and much more! You can also make a donation to a charity which is super awesome.


Sell On eBay

eBay is such a great platform to sell on: I know Depop and Gumtree have also become popular, but eBay is still my favourite. You can sell ANYTHING on eBay! If you have unwanted items hanging around in your house, why not sell them? I sell mostly clothes, but I have also sold jewellery and makeup before. If you want to take it one step further you can buy a bulk load of items for cheap and sell them on to make a profit. This is what I do with clothes, it is very effective! It doesn’t take very long to list on eBay, just make sure you take lots of good pictures so your customers know what to expect.

If you want to take it one step further you can buy a bulk load of items for cheap and sell them on to make a profit. This is what I do with clothes, it is very effective! It doesn’t take very long to list on eBay, just make sure you take lots of good pictures so your customers know what to expect.



Carboot Sale

Arghh, I love going to car boot sales so much, so many great bargains! I also love doing a car boot sale myself after having a clear-out. I am the opposite of a hoarder- if I don’t use something I want it out of my life! I did one car boot sale last year and bought back an empty car and almost £100. I have plans to do another this year: I have clothes, shoes, books, kitchenware, makeup, jewellery, DVD’s etc to sell (see the picture below). You’d be surprised at how much stuff you have in your house you don’t want/need anymore: sell it! You have to get up very early to attend a car boot sale, but it is a fun experience! Car boot sales are great if you have inexpensive items to sell: if you have something that could sell for more save it for eBay.

You have to get up very early to attend a car boot sale, but it is a fun experience! Car boot sales are great if you have inexpensive items to sell: if you have something that could sell for more save it for eBay.


Become A Representative

I recently announced that I have become a Younique representative: this means I can sell their products on my website and earn a commission- it’s like having your own business (my website is You have to work hard to get recognised, but your commission will make it worthwhile!

If you become a Younique presenter most of your selling will be done online: Facebook is the main platform, but there are many other ways to can promote and gets sales. You can also do it the old fashioned way and hold house parties!

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about Avon! Why not become an Avon representative and earn commission? Or become a Body Shop representative?


I hope you have found this post helpful and that you have gained some new ideas on how to make extra money! If you have some spare time, then why not use it to make money? I will probably try out some other methods and report back to you in part 2!

How do you make extra money?


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55 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways I Make Extra Money

  1. Some great ideas there, I can recommend YouGov for surveys, they’ve been great. I’ve also registered as a cat sitter – 1 or 2 visits a day caring for cats in their own home. It’s great being paid to fuss cats & I’ve met some lovely owners too.

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  2. A great list of ideas! Over hear in the US I’m curious about delivering for Amazon or others businesses that promise a speedy delivery. I know there’s lots of tests going on for that kind of thing. I don’t think this would work for me, but if anyone tries something like this for extra cash, I’d be curious what they think! Is there any option for doing something like this in the UK?

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  3. I need to use my Boots Card points soon…am so sure that I have like £40+ on there, maybe more since last time I checked…would be fun to do a haul which I didn’t actually spend money on!

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  4. frankly speaking none of these are easy per say. Because at the end the amount of time required to do any of these may well be spent on doing something more productive to gain more exposure. Like learning something to ear money a lot more. Easy way of earning money would be putting a lot of work now so that you can automate them in 6 months and earn as much if not more. Paid survey pays way less and takes up so mcuh money that it is not worth anyone’s time. Unless your time is of no worth to you.

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      1. hahah I do not know better. I just know what doesn’t work. For me it is all about how much time you put in and what it is worth to you. For example for the paid survey, the amount of time you put in is not proportional to the amount of side money you get. If you spend that equal amount of time learning a skill say Photoshop, Coding, Illustrator, Digital marketing or reading a book on a topic you would like to learn in order to set up something on the side you would be better off. It is all about getting best worth of your time. Maybe the ones mentioned here are for people who are okay with mediocrity. Anyway who am I to judge. I just felt that time spent on something must be proportionate to the reward or else it is waste of time.

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      2. I get what you’re saying; if YOU wanted to make money then you’d want more money for your time. But like I said, my post isn’t about getting rich, it’s just to get people thinking…there are many many other ways to make money, I am aware 🙂


  5. Great ideas. Two more survey sites I recommend here in the UK are OnePoll (each survey takes a few minutes and is worth 10p to 30p, cash out at £40) and Panelbase (longer surveys of around 20 minutes to 30 minutes but worth £1 to £5, cash out at £10).

    If you are just having some downtime and chilling out surfing the internet (as we all do each day anyway) log in and and earn a few pennies while doing so. I cashed out all my survey sites in November last year and it helped with the Christmas shopping 😉

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      1. You’re welcome. OnePoll is Great, it takes a while to get to the £40 obviously but if you have a spare 5 minutes, you can just quickly log in from your phone and hopefully earn a few pennies. Checking multiple times a day is the way to do it and it slowly adds up. There’s usually just tick boxes and it’s very quick.
        Panelbase is different, it’s a tablet or laptop job and you don’t seem to qualify for a lot of surveys BUT it doesn’t mess you around. If you don’t qualify it will tell you quite quickly. If you DO qualify, then the money is quite decent 🙂


  6. Good tips! I’ve done the surveys in the past (mostly when I was in college), and if you have the time, it can add up! Another one I use- I don’t know if it’s available in the UK, although I don’t know why it wouldn’t be–is Ebates. With Ebates you shop online (which I know I do too much of!), and certain stores will give you cash back. I’ve seen it from 1% cash back, up to 12% cash back is the highest I’ve gotten, I think. It takes no extra effort on my part, and makes me feel a little better about online shopping! 😉

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  7. Emma… these are some great ideas! I haven’t ever succeeded with the being a representative. Guess I’m just not a good sales person! 😉

    Do you have any good suggestions for survey options? I haven’t found any good ones.


  8. omg! I never knew the bodyshop had at home representatives! I’m definitely going to research and look up on this, have you had any experience working with them? x x


  9. Have you got any tips for selling clothes successfully on eBay? I have tried a couple of times but High street clothes don’t seem to sell very well 😦

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