My Thoughts And Feelings About Blogging Right Now

Without a doubt, I have been rather quiet in the blogosphere recently. Everything has been going great with my blog up to this point, but I have been in a slump recently. Not just a blog slump, I’ve just been in a general life slump- but anyway, more of that below in the Feel Good February section.

After reading this post, I would like you to let me know in the comments if you’ve had a blogging break before. Did you miss it? Did you find your motivation again? Did it have any negative side effects? I’m just curious, so let me know!



Blog Plans

I have pretty much been blogging non-stop for the last year posting 2/3 times a week. This workload had been manageable (not that I see it as a workload because I enjoy every aspect of blogging), but recently I have been finding it difficult to keep going. Instead of forcing blog posts out, I have been taking it easy this month. I have published a few posts, but I mean I haven’t had a schedule.

For the rest of this month, I will continue to take it easy because I feel like I can’t switch off completely, but I do still need a rest! I do have some exciting posts planned for March- so watch this space! But right now, I am finding it difficult to even type this post out, as much as I hate to say it.


Here are a few things to be okay about, and some benefits that you’ll gain from having a short blogging break:

– Everyone will still be here upon your return

– Everyone needs a break from everything sometimes

– Don’t worry about your stats/engagement going down whilst having a break- it’s gonna happen, but that’s okay

– Recharging your batteries from time-to-time will benefit you in the long-run

– You can spend your time doing a different hobby, or, just enjoy the time to yourself

– It will help you find your motivation and inspiration again

Without a doubt, I know I’ll be back in full swing with The Emma Edit very soon. I just thought I would let you know what’s happening- thanks for understanding!



If you are reading this, then I recommend you check out my ‘Feel Good February: Practising Positivity‘ post so you know what I’m referring to.

At the start of this post, I mentioned that I have been in a slump with my blog, and just with life in general. That’s why I decided to write a post dedicated to being positive this month- it turned out to be a well-received post! I’m not exactly sure why I have been feeling like this, I just can’t seem to find enjoyment in anything at the moment- I guess we all have periods of time sometimes when we feel like this. However, remembering what I wrote at the start of the month about being positive is helping me through it.

I have a list of 7 positive motives to practice this month; here’s a little debrief  to show you how I have been getting on:

– Take better care of myself and have more ‘me’ time

Thanks to my blog break, I have been having plenty of ‘me’ time- I have been enjoying it very much! I have even had a few little pamper sessions.

– Smile like I mean it to everyone

Due to my anxious ways, I find it difficult to look strangers in the eye and smile at them sometimes, so I have been trying to get better at this.

– Say yes more instead of no

I mean, what’s the worst that could happen by trying something new? I find myself doubting myself quite a lot when I am offered to try something new, but I have said yes more often this month.

Feel Good February


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54 thoughts on “My Thoughts And Feelings About Blogging Right Now

  1. My experience with blogging is probably similar to many: the rush of sharing something of interest, and the “ups or downs” of seeing how much interest it generates…all of your points are great ones – the internet will be there when you get back, but it’s also nice to notice that people acknowledge missing you when you are away, so looking forward to your return!

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  2. It seems that a lot of people are struggling through February at the moment because I know I am too, maybe it’s the cold and grey skies which don’t help! You do a lot with so many good blog posts plus your Facebook group so maybe a week’s break would do you good ?and get you inspired again?? I took a break in early September and came back with a fresh mind and lots of ideas and plans for my blog Xx

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  3. I’ve been going through a slump recently as well and feeling as though I need to force posts out with not much inspiration. I kind of fell out of love with blogging for a dramatic as that may sound!
    My solution was to completely overhaul my blog and bring all these new ideas – kind of new direction. But taking a break can be vital and so I think it’s a great decision. 🙂

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  4. January was such a great blogging month for me but February has really thrown me downhill. I’m not feeling very inspired or motivated to write new posts, and I think it has a lot to do with things at work being insane and exhausting right now. I’ve gone through slumps like this before, and I usually cope by just reading and commenting on other blogs on my lunch breaks or if I have spare time, and going through old posts of mine to refresh or edit them. Although I’ll admit, sometimes stepping away completely from the blogisphere can be incredibly soothing. 🙂

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  5. I’m feeling in a bit of a slump at the moment too, not sure what it is but all of a sudden feel unmotivated and like I don’t have enough time to plan, write and read blogs! I think taking a break can be such a good thing as it gives you time to relax and take time for yourself xx

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  6. Ahhh Emma I think we have all had these feelings. I had a 5 month break about a month after starting my blog! I think as well as taking a break, remembering why you started your blog helps. I am sure that the unmotivated feeling will pass soon, sending you a hug xxx

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  7. Emma, I am sorry you are experiencing this slump. Everything about your blog and the Facebook group is incredible. Maybe you just needed a blogcation. I have not been blogging for very long, so this has not happened to me. However, maybe now that you are on break you can post others blogs that inspire you. You have a good eye for content Looking forward to seeing you back in action. 😘💋 xx

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  8. I had a blogging break for about three months in the beginning of 2017, and it was the best thing that happened to my blog. I came back, kinda rebranded and improved my posts and changed my focus from only reviews to posting whatever the heck I want. So for me, a blog break was the best solution overall. It’s true what you say, everything will still be here when you come back 🙂 x

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  9. Looks like we’re all in similar situations lol 😂 when I first started blogging I never knew how time consuming it could be or how much it would affect me if I didn’t get a post out at least once a week x x

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  10. Last year I went through a blogging slump and I did not take a break, but I published less posts than normal. Just doing that helped a lot because I was able to focus more on me and also figure out why I started blogging and what made it enjoyable. The next month I was back on track with the motivation I needed!

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  11. I think everyone needs a break sometimes – whether that means stopping the schedule, reducing the number of posts, or stopping all together for a couple of weeks.The worst thing is if it starts feeling like a chore because you force yourself to keep plodding on. Enjoy your recharge time and I look forward to your posts in March. I enjoy reading your posts and think you put a lot of thought into them, and doing this takes time and energy!

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  12. Being fairly new to the blogging world, I didn’t have much of a following when my break did happen. Since I’ve been back, my stats have been wonderful and that’s left me more motivated than ever.

    After reading this, and learning that breaks here and there are acceptable, I’m happy to have some tips to help me get through any future slumps. Thanks, Emma!

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  13. I took a break in December. I just wasn’t feeling the passion or motivation, if anything I was feeling anxiety and pressure. So I sat back and re-accessed and came to the realization that the blog needed to go in a different direction and needed to be more for me than what I thought people expected. I’m back to enjoying it again.

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  14. I completely understand the need for a break. I keep trying to take a few days off here and there, but I keep finding ideas for short posts, and I enjoy writing, so I’m still writing short posts most days. Sometimes I’ll write a few short posts over the weekend, and I’ll take an evening or two off during the week 😊.

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  15. My experience with blogging begun two years ago. I decides to entirely delete my first blog as I got too stressed with college work and couldn’t handle it at all. I am now on my new blog which I started last April and somehow, managing to keep up with it at the same time as working at Paperchase and still studying in my final year at college! I think its definitely okay to take a break sometimes, but this can be managed xx



  16. I took a break of almost three years! Haha it was after having a baby though. No seriously having a break is a good idea: pushing out bad content you’ve ‘forced’ will neither make you feel your best nor help showcase your writing. It’s best to rest and come back with some amazing stuff later.


  17. I have had a quiet time recently too due to illness and I’m still not feeling great. I wrote a blog post about it and actually featured a link to your Feel Good February post, because it made me think more positive.
    I’ve not yet taken a planned blogging break, but I don’t have a strict schedule anyway. So going a week or two without a post would be too unusual for myself.

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  18. We all had such moments, so take your time and get a rest if you need! I personally don’t blog that often anymore, I feel a little bit discouraged and not very in a mood, but hopefully things will get better ^^


  19. I’ve taken breaks for a little while when I’ve felt a bit burned out. It really helped when I developed an editorial calendar and planned out posts for the entire quarter. That way I had a loose idea of where I wanted to go with what I was writing, especially since a lot of my posts involve some research.
    I have been struggling with social media burnout. I haven’t really wanted to get on social media lately. Not for blogging business or anything else. So I’ve been limiting some of my blogging threads and setting schedules for that as well so that it feels less overwhelming. (I’m in several groups, one of which is very large.)


  20. This post resonated with me. I am currently week 4 into my blogging break. Even though I am finding it hard not blogging its been a real eye opener. I didn’t realise how hooked I was on blogging and social media. My days would be fuelled by how many likes I had received or shares a post had got. I have also found February a depressing and hard month. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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  21. I took a break earlier this month and felt guilty the entire time. However, it allowed for many, many ideas to float into my head. It was great! I think a break is a good idea and I think your approach is a healthy one. We will all be here when you return!

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  22. Yes to having breaks. I don’t post as much as you so manage to pull a post a week off. What I have done is try and get a few posts ahead of the game. That way if going on vacation or tired I can schedule one of them. Backup I guess you could say. Looking forward to March!!

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  23. Hi Emma,
    I take blogging breaks in the summers when I’m on vacation. I don’t enjoy them. Blogging is such a passion of mine it consumes me. I find it difficult to “turn off.” Also, when I blog less, my traffic drops which isn’t fun for me to see.
    You need to do what is best for you.

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  24. I use to post twice a week but then found I was always stressed to come up with something worthwhile to say. Once I went to once a week I had time to think through what I would write and I found that my writing actually improved. It also gave me more time to post more on my FB and Instagram sites. But most of all it gave me more time to get out into the real world where I could have experiences that were blog worthy to write about.

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  25. Great post! Being very new to the blogging world, about one month to be exact, I already feel a slump. I do not have much of a following so it’s not hurting me too much, but also not helping. My views have definitely gone down.

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  26. I definitely went through this! I was posting 2-4 times a week and doing TONS of research and I just got burnt out. I took a break for a couple weeks, changed to only posting once a week, and decided to take at least one day a week off from blogging at all. It really seemed to help. After my 2 weeks off I just forced myself to get a post out, and now I’m really back in the groove 🙂


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