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A Little Day Trip To Hunstanton

This is just a quick little post to share with you one of the things I have been up to recently. I have been trying to get out more recently to see new places and experience new things. You can get stuck in a rut sometimes of doing the same things and going to the same places; you’ve just got to go for it and get out in the world! This post is more for me to look back on, but I hope you will enjoy it as well!

To give you a bit of context, I live in Norfolk but I haven’t actually explored much of the county. I had no plans one Saturday, so I text a friend to find out if she fancied doing something- she said yes! She suggested a few places we could visit, such as Holkham Hall, but nowhere seems to be open yet this time of year. Nevermind. We finally decided that we would go on a mini road trip to the small coastal town of Hunstanton. I hadn’t been to Hunstanton before, so I was excited to visit somewhere new.

We didn’t pick the best day to go weather wise, but we made the most of it anyway! It was a blowing a hoolie all day with scattered snow showers; it’s safe to say we were a bit cold, and a bit mad going to the coast in weather like that…at least it was quiet! We headed off fairly early in the morning with a car full of CDs and snacks for the 90-minute drive there.


Sea life

No trip to a coastal town isn’t complete without a visit to a sea life centre, so that’s what we did! We arrived there at opening time, so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. We took a slow walk around to see the many tank displays and took pictures as we went along. We had the opportunity to hold a starfish, so we did that and got a badge for our efforts (haha).

Just as we had warmed up, it was time to go back out into the cold to see the adorable seals in an outside enclosure. The sea life centre also rehabilitates seals that have been rescued from the Norfolk coast, which is super awesome! There were also a few otters, but they were all inside- could still see how cute they are though!

Hunstanton 1.jpg
So proud of my ‘badge’ that didn’t actually have a pin
Hunstanton 2.jpg
My friend Beth touching the starfish
Hunstanton 3.jpg
Yeah, I couldn’t tell you what kind of fish these are!
Hunstanton 4.jpg
Cute seahorses
I have to include this guy as I’m a reptile lover. This is a water dragon
Hunstanton 5.jpg
Clownfish making an appearance in every sealife centre since Finding Nemo came out!
Hunstanton 6.jpg
Oh, and here’s a Dory for good measure!
Hunstanton 7.jpg
How weird is this sea creature?!
Hunstanton 8.jpg
A medley of fish
Hunstanton 10
The star of the show: a massive turtle posing away!
Hunstanton 9.jpg
Adorable seals in an outside enclosure

And all the rest

After our trip to the sea life sanctuary, we went for a little stroll along the seafront. The beach is a rocky one- not much sand to be seen here, unfortunately! The tide was out, so we couldn’t even see the sea. As we got closer to the town, we spotted a cute little cafe where we decided to grab some lunch. Like the coffee addict I am, I had a latte; I also ordered a rather yummy cheese and pickle sandwich to munch on.

With full bellies, we were ready to head off again. We went for a little walk around the town and went into a few of the shops. They have some nice little gift shops; I have to mention the one called Gecko Gifts because I love geckos! As we headed back to the car, the fun fair was opening up, so we went on the waltzers- it made us feel like kids again!

On the way home, we stopped by a place called Norfolk Lavander. Unfortunately for us, lavender isn’t exactly in season, so we didn’t get to see the place looking all pretty. They have a couple of cute gift shops there and a good farm shop, so we had a leisurely stroll around there. There are lots of places of interest near-by, so we had a drive past them just out of interest.

Despite the freezing cold weather, I had a great day out with my friend!

Hunstanton 11.jpg
Very cold, windy and snowy!
Hunstanton 12.jpg
Because I’m a crazy duck lady
Hunstanton 13.jpg
Because I’m a crazy gecko lady as well!
Hunstanton 16.jpg
Always gotta have a latte! Yummy cheese and pickle sarnie


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9 thoughts on “A Little Day Trip To Hunstanton

  1. So glad to see you writing again xxx and sounds like you had a great day despite the weather. Just what you need to blow the cobwebs away


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