Homeware, Clothing & Beauty Haul

I went shopping the other day, so I thought I would share with you what I got. I didn't go to look for anything in particular, it's just nice to have a walk around sometimes. I have been on a bit of a spending ban recently, so I didn't go too wild with my purchases.… Continue reading Homeware, Clothing & Beauty Haul


Yankee Candle Coastal Living Spring Collection 2017

Yankee Candle has released some new scents for Spring 2017, and I couldn't be happier! The two new collections are called 'Pure Essence' and 'Coastal Living': Pure Essence was released after Christmas to bridge and gap and Coastal Living was released in March to get you in the mood for Spring. I have bought the… Continue reading Yankee Candle Coastal Living Spring Collection 2017