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Hi there!

My email address is emmzeebeee@gmail.com (3 e’s not 2!). Feel free to contact me :).

My name is Emma- it’s nice to meet you. I am a 20 something-year-old: to give you a clue, I am almost closer to 30 than I am 20. Yes, I look young, I know. I live near Norwich, Norfolk; I have lived here almost 3 years with my boyfriend. Previously, I lived in Suffolk where I grew up in my childhood home.

I am a first-time blogger, and I am very excited to be on this new journey. I didn’t plan to start a blog, it just kinda happened. I was feeling uninspired one day and needed something to get me motivated again. I guess you could say I had a ‘light bulb’ moment and decided to start a blog.

You may have noticed my tagline says ‘A real life blog’, because that’s what I want it to be! I want things to be what they are and not jazz anything up too much. Food photographers are very clever and make photos look amazing, but they aren’t always realistic. When I post a recipe I want the pictures to look honest and achievable. Not saying I won’t make the pictures look nice, though!

I couldn’t decide on a topic to blog about- a ‘niche’. So I combined all of my favourites into one blog, hence the name ‘Everything Emmzeebee’. EmmZeeBee is a name I have been using for years on many websites! Below I have listed all the topics and a brief description about them.

Food & Drink

I have been a chef since I was 18. I left 6th form and wanted to look for a job. But, living in rural Suffolk, and being not being able to drive wasn’t an easy task! One day I stumbled upon an advert for trainee commis chef, so I applied for it and got the job.

For almost a year I have been working to find a lifestyle which works best for me. My diet used to be quite unhealthy, and I would be switching between diets all the time. Nowadays, I eat mostly a plant-based diet, with a couple of days exempt. I enjoy discovering new recipes and ingredients that I haven’t used before and brought them into my kitchen. Also, eating this way makes me feel good from the inside out, and I am able to maintain a (hopefully) healthy body I am happy with. I want to make my recipes suitable for everyone.


I love my home. My boyfriend and I moved into our new build house June 2016. As it was a new build, it was a blank canvas for us turn into our home. We lived in a rented flat before for 2 years, but it never felt like home as we couldn’t customise anything. We pretty much started from scratch in our new house; we scrapped/sold the majority of our furniture and soft furnishings. It’s definitely expensive to furnish a house from scratch, but it was 100% worth it. 8 months later I am happy to say our home is 70% completed; I’m always on the lookout for soft furnishings to tie everything together. I have learnt a lot about interior design in this time, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I want to share what I have learnt about creating a home by sharing tips and tricks.


Okay, okay, by fashion I mean clothes I like to wear! I’m not into following fashion and the latest trends, I just love buying clothes! But, what I love most is finding a bargain! You will find me rummaging in charity shops, and at car boot sales when the weather is good…you never know what you are going to find! When it comes to internet and high-street shopping I never buy anything full price, I always wait for the sales. I mean, why pay full price? I would love to share my style and show you my bargains!

Bath & Beauty

What’s more relaxing than a bath? Nothing! I’ve become a little obsessed with bath bombs and other fancy bath extras- a bath isn’t complete without one now! I love trying new products, I would love to review them for you. When it comes to make-up, quality is more important to me than quantity. The brand I use most is Benefit; I can always rely on their products. I love reading beauty blogs to discover new products to try.

Out & About

My boyfriend and I go on holiday once a year abroad, so I thought it would be nice to blog about it. We like to be active on holidays and see the sights. We are going on our 5th holiday together this year to Ibiza, it’s just a shame I haven’t got a blog for past holidays! Hopefully, this section of my blog will encourage to go on other trips so I have something blog about for this section.

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Thank you for reading, and thank you for visiting my blog!

I would love to hear from you,


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